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Kansei EngineeringMeasuring comfort and stress in the body and mind to create goods with new value (kansei value)Department of Advanced Textile and Kansei EngineeringData describing physiological responses by the brain, heart, and muscles can be obtained from human body. I believe it is possible to create a language to communicate the body's health or state of comfort or stress using this data. The research being carried out by my lab (in kansei measurement), which seeks to create a new system of measurement for communicating comfort by measuring data expressed by the body, is garnering attention in numerous industries.Masayoshi KamijoProfessorResearchers gauge a person’s emotional state based on her facial expressions (“attractive smile,” “sleepy face,” “fatigued face”). This research seeks to use facial expressions as an indicator of the state of comfort and stress in the body and mind.Professor Kamijo has earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in textile engineering and a doctoral degree in textile engineering from Shinshu University. He worked as an assistant professor at Tokyo University of Science, Suwa, and as an assistant professor and associate professor at Shinshu University before taking his current position. He is engaged in research into kansei measurement (measurement and instrumentation targeting human activity).My goal for the future is to develop intelligent clothing (IC). I wish to assess dierent types of comfort (while wearing clothing, riding in vehicles, sitting, and sleeping) by measuring a person’s level of comfort or stress while wearing IC.Outlook for researchKansei measurement is garnering attention in numerous industries, including automobiles, cosmetics, sleeping goods, housing, home appliances, writing supplies, and information. Graduates are active as engineers in research and development and planning and development.Outlook for students after graduationResearch seeks to evaluate comfort while driving by measuring the physiological activity of muscles and the heart.07〈Guide〉60Elucidating genome functions for food productionHideo Matsumura60Understanding the development of biofilms to explore the survival strategies of bacteria based on genomic informationHiroshi Ogasawara61Using fiber and machine fabrication technology to actually make thingsTextile Education61Fostering creativity through education in textile materialsExperimental FarmAssociated FacilitiesInstructor profileIntroduction of the paths taken by graduates of the research labIntroduction of instructors or a portion of research together with photographs or diagrams


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