Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

52Researching human health and protection of the freshwater environment and analyzing water environment changes using aquatic insects as indicatorsKimio Hirabayashi52Creating new plants through green innovationNobuaki Hayashida49Developing the genetic resources of domesticand wild silkworms to make a brand of silkZenta Kajiura49Pursuing plant genome engineering and bio-refineries, from the cultivation of biomass to its utilizationHiroyasu Ebinuma51Opening up new domains for the utilization of silk materials, especially aim to use in medical area including as material for regenerative medicineYasushi TamadaTo investigate the characteristics of the biological material,to develop a new medical deviceJun Negishi58Making effective use of microorganism resources: Discovering and applying the potential capabilities of Bacillus subtilis Hiroki Yamamoto5754Learning from the environment through environmental analysis and developingnew environmental purification methods using materials creating by living organismsHiroshi Moriwaki54Using insects’ high-performance sensors to develop methods for exterminationKunihiro Shiomi50Harnessing the amazing powers of tiny microorganisms in our daily livesMakoto Shimosaka53“Self-recycling” and its application in hair science Toshihiro Fujii53Using micromanipulation to study the mechanism of fertilization and preserve, regenerate, and utilize genetic resourcesShinichi Hochi50Biopolymers: Gaining an understanding of the function and structure of DNA and enzymes in order to explain their interactions and apply them to biotechnologyToshio Shida51Factory production of safe and reliable vegetables with high photosynthetic efficiencyMasayuki Nozue55Exploring the undiscovered abilities of plants to tap their power to enrich our livesGoro Taguchi56Utilizing Agrobacterium tumefaciens, which carries out genetic engineering on its ownMasahiro Nogawa58Understanding the nature of stem cells and controlling their fateSeiji Takashima59Moving from understanding of functional biomolecules to their application, utilizing unused protein resources, and developing production technologiesTakaomi Nomura55Studying the capabilities and survival strategies of insects and leveraging them in daily lifeKoji Shirai56Creating new plants based on knowledge of basic plant science in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable societyTomoaki Horie57Designing and applying useful proteins by studying the structure and function of proteinsRyoichi AraiDepartment of Applied Biology06


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