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Textile EducationUsing fiber and machine fabrication technology to actually make thingsOur undergraduate and graduate students experiment with textile fabrication technology using spinning machinery, which makes thread from raw ber materials, and other equipment while carrying out research and experiments in an eort to develop new materials. Further, in the adjacent Textile Prototype Development Center, an extensive array of testing equipment is available for tasks such as evaluating the properties of threads and fabrics.Textile EducationStudents of the Functional Machinery and Mechanics Course and Bioengineering Course use machining and measurement rooms for experimentation and practice in the area of machine fabrication. Technicians also create and fabricate experimental equipment upon request from other departments and courses. Most importantly, these facilities enable students to experience the process of creating things by actually fabricating, creating, and measuring their own experimental devices.Machine Fabrication EducationMachine toolsTextile machineryExperimental FarmFostering creativity through education in textile materialsAt the Experimental Farm, we train highly inquisitive and creative students with distinctive personalities through the technical application of academic theory to textile raw materials and ingredients and through research education relating to field science with the goal of contributing to the development of the community.The entrance to the Experimental Farm Laboratory on the on-campus Experimental Farm is surrounded by cherry blossoms.In practical eld science, farming activities that are also popular outside the department include the study of cotton cultivation, sheep shearing, silk cultivation, and natural silkworm cocoon and egg collection as well as sweet potato planting and harvesting, potato harvesting, and buckwheat cultivation.Outlook for researchCampus Farm: 3-15-1 Tokida, Ueda, Nagano PrefectureOmuro Farm: 6788 Kano, Tomi, Nagano PrefectureInquiriesCotton balls that have burst open during cotton cultivation (left) and collected silkworm cocoons (right)Fifth instar domestic silkworm larvae just before the pupa stage (left) and fth instar wild (natural) silkworm larvae (right)61


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