Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

59Department of Applied BiologyMoving from understanding of functional biomolecules to their application, utilizing unused protein resources, and developing production technologiesI am carrying out research on proteins, a principle type of functional biomolecule. My lab uses molecular biology and genetic engineering technology to identify and improve useful proteins such as enzymes and to develop protein-manufacturing technologies.Assistant Professor Nomura took his current position in 2008 after working at the Lion Corporation Research Center and as a research associate and assistant professor in the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology at Shinshu University. His principal area of research is the analysis of functional biomolecules using molecular biology and genetic engineering technology.The identication of new enzymes and their improvement through genetic engineering are expected to contribute to many domains, including food, medicine, and chemical synthesis. We are also attempting to develop technology for making the production of useful proteins possible through alteration of ribosomes and related factors at the molecular level.Outlook for researchMany graduates are employed as researchers in a variety of elds, including by food and pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturers that handle various materials.Outlook for students after graduationWe are attempting to apply more advanced functionality to proteins by modifying them through genetic engineering.A student conducts an experiment to rene protein. A target protein is being extracted from among the immense number of proteins that exist within living organisms.Takaomi NomuraAssistant Professor


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