Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

Applied Molecular Chemistry43Metal and metal oxide nanomaterials for our daily lifeNaoki AsaoInvestigating how chemical reactions emit light and searching for possible applicationsJiro Motoyoshiya43Fabricating novel functional materials by utilizing the diversity of carbon materialsFujio Okino444445Lining up sub-micron minute particles in an orderly manner to create photonic crystalsTetsuya Tanigami45Using a computer to examine the properties of substances in a “dry lab,” thereby performing chemistry without experimentationYasushi Nomura46Utilizing organic chemistry to solve biological phenomena: Searching for biologically active substances and developing new reactions and medicinesYoshinori Nishii46Developing novel organocatalysts for highly stereo selective synthesis of organic moleculesTetsuya Fujimoto47Developing new luminescent materials and energy-storing materials using nanocarbonYoshiyuki Hattori47Printing microchemical chipsMasashi Watanabe48Examining the mystery of polymer membranes and using tiny holes in PET bottlesYuichi Hirata48Applying colloid and interface chemistry to nano-technological and biological systemsCathy McNameeDeveloping cutting-edge polymer particles and pursuing science in the mysterious world of the micro-scaleDaisuke Suzuki05


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