Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

Fiber Materials Engineering30303131Breaking new ground in materials, processes, and systems with the ultimate goal of energy self-sufficiencyYasushi Murakami32Design of photocatalytic reaction system with nm-um scale architectureHisanao Usami32Discovering new functional materials through nanotech and realizing new functionalityby imitating the structure of living thingsMutsumi Kimura33Small is BIG: Developing state-of-the-art nano-materials for use in fuel cells and supercapacitorsWataru Sugimoto33Fiber as the key to preventing global warming: Working not only to reduce CO2,but also to lower costsNobuhide Takahashi34Making fuel cells a more familiar energy systemHiroshi FukunagaFunctional Polymer Science36Developing gelling agents that can create solids simply by their addition and thickeners for creating viscous substances through molecular designKenji Hanabusa36Exploring applications of discotic liquid crystalline organic semiconductors in solar cellsKazuchika Ohta37Developing environmentally friendly organic materials that can be easily broken down and recycled after useYoshihiro Itoh37Tapping organic EL to bring us future products such as televisions that can be rolled up and carried and ceilings with built-in lightingMusubu Ichikawa38Utilizing biological materials in engineering to create biosensors and new materialsYoshiro Ogoma38Developing thin, lightweight wearable fuel cells to supply power to robots and power suitsToshiki Koyama39Creating gels from numerous liquids throughout the world and investigating a wide array of applications for supramolecular gelsMasahiro Suzuki39Creating high-function fibers to facilitate safer and more comfortable lifestylesYasuo Gotoh40Exploring the future of biochemical researchKousaku Ohkawa40Development of Functional Polymeric Materials for Bio-ApplicationsAkira Teramoto41Necklace-shaped supramolecules and cellulose/chitin nano-whiskersJun Araki41Fabrication of functional fiber materials based on microstructural developmentMasaki Kakiage42The beginning of a New Polymer Synthesis: Materials by Molecular and Reaction Design Yasuhiro Kousaka34Mixing familiar materials to make coatings for high-efficiency solar cellsShogo Mori35Interdisciplinary Chemical Physics exploring the microscopic mechanisms of life phenomenaTakaaki SatoProduction of Functional Materials from Biomass by Using Only WaterMitsumasa OsadaMicrowave chemistryTokihiro TakizawaAiming to realize a sustainable society through the effective utilization of biomass resourcesIori Shimada35Creation of safe/secure materials from natural compounds for bio/environmental applicationsHiroaki YoshidaDepartment of Chemistry and Materials04


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