Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

03Functional Machinery and MechanicsBioengineering26Transitioning from robots that learn from life to robots that combine with lifeMinoru Hashimoto25Exploring the biomimetics of aquatic life and medical engineering using biofluid mechanicsShunichi Kobayashi25Striving to achieve flexibility and subtlety while working to recreate the movement of the human hand, which is challenging for robotsAtsushi Nishikawa26Human information networks and noninvasive biosensingMasaki Yamaguchi27Droposing reliable medical techniques throughMichihiko Koseki28Utilizing dynamic loading in applications ranging from elephant developmental health assessment to biometric identificationTodd Pataky28Assistive Technology for Activities of Daily Living in our new lifestyleAtsushi Tsukahara29Equating biology with engineering through animal experimentationToru Moriyama27Creating new bio-hybrid technologies for applications ranging from micro-robots to regenerative medicineYoshitake Akiyama2020Farewell gasoline: Combining solar cells with fuel cells to create a next-generation solar-powered carHajime Konishi21New materials: From nano-composite materials to multi-functional materials: Developing and finding applications for lightweight, high-performance, and energy-saving productsQing-Qing Ni21Researching thermo-fluid engineering to support industry and build the future, from energy to the environmentNobuhiro Himeno23Engineering composite material structures that are stronger, lighter, and easier to recycleLimin Bao22An extraordinary new material: Carbon nanotubesCreating and analyzing high-functionality nano-composite materialsToshiaki Natsuki22Researching robots based on mechanisms and bringing the skills of humans and living things to robotsTakashi KawamuraPushing the envelope in fiber thinness and bringing abundance to the world with nanofiberIck Soo Kim23Moving, thinking, and working autonomously: Implementing an autonomous robotSatoshi Suzuki24Scientific Research on Fire and its Application to Firefighter SafetyKaoru WakatsukiDepartment of Machinery and Robotics


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