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Research on the giant isopodResearch paper: Matsui T, Moriyama T, Kato R, Zoological Science, accepted.Research on the pill bugPublications: Moriyama, Tooru. “Does the Pill Bug Have a Heart?” PHP Interface, 2011.BioengineeringToru MoriyamaAssistant ProfessorEquating biology with engineering through animal experimentationDepartment of Machinery and RoboticsI am attempting to rewrite the supposedly intuitive blueprint that claims instincts are adaptive while excess is maladaptive by observing and experimentally examining the instinctive behavior of animals. My goal in doing so is to create a blueprint that equates biology with engineering and to offer behind-the-scenes support for bioengineering.Key words: Pill bug, giant isopod, Mictyris brevidactylus, the heart of animals, the heart of things, autonomy, emergence, self, comparative cognitive science, animal psychology, ethologyI am investigating the psychology of the giant isopod, which lives at depths of several hundred meters in the ocean, as well as the social shaping of Mictyris brevidactylus, a crab that lives on the island of Iriomote-jima, with robots. These eorts encompass not only ethology, but also cognitive science and robotics.Outlook for researchOne graduate went on to take over the local family furniture shop after starting his own lab. Another became the principle author of a publication in an international academic journal before going on to become an actor and forming an event production company. A third traveled the length and breadth of Japan on a cheap bicycle before launching a project in which he interviews people about their graduate research. A fourth traveled alone to the typhoon-swept island of Iriomote-jima after producing a wedding event, while a fth joined a leading educational company.Outlook for students after graduation29


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