Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

Advanced Textile EngineeringKansei Engineering14Adopting a scientific approach to personal sensitivity (kansei) to find reasons for taste in clothingMasayuki Takatera13Measuring comfort and stress in the body and mind to create goods with new value (kansei value)Masayoshi Kamijo15Exploring design as a new practical science and pioneering the future with the “theory × sensibility” approachIsao Wada13Creating easy-to-use, comfortable products that fit user needsShigeru InuiSearching for the future potential of high-polymer materials: The 21st century as the age of soft materialsMasato Takahashi1614More than appearance: Commercializing comfortable socks on the basis of dataSatoshi Hosoya17Kansei education: Teaching lifetime learning skills for knowledge workersMichael HonywoodDeveloping materials that can be used safely without harming people or the environmentToshihisa Tanaka16Visualizing flows of people, things, and information by applying network analysis to connections in textile-related industriesYoshiyuki Matsumura18Visualizing comfort and understanding the underlying science Hiroaki Yoshida88Quantifying product comfortToyonori Nishimatsu9Fabricating high-performance synthetic fibers with laser irradiationYutaka Okoshi9Science of silkworms, cocoons, and silk: Fashion apparel and textile designHideaki Morikawa10Bringing the wonder of interior textile products to the worldHirokazu Kimura10Using light to measure parameters ranging from the condition of the body to quality without making contact with the object under measurementHiroaki Ishizawa11Visualizing benefits for products and design through the scientific examination of the five senses Hiroyuki Kanai11Manufacturing high-performance synthetic fiber by controlling fiber structure formationKyoungHou Kim12New applications of cross-discipline integrated textilesChunhong ZhuThinking about the future of sen’i (the Japanese word for fibers and textiles) in JapanAkio Sakaguchi18The science of heat and thermal perception: Creating individually preferred thermal environments by adjusting airflow and clothingTomonori Sakoi15Searching for beautiful and comfortable clothes based on the relationships of textiles, clothing patterns, and manufacturing technologyKyoungOk Kim19Analyzing clothing and textile products through computer simulationYosuke Horiba17Department of Advanced Textile and Kansei Engineeringindex02


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