Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

24Kaoru WakatsukiAssociate ProfessorScientific Research on Fire and its Application to Firefighter SafetyDepartment of Machinery and RoboticsOur lab conducts scientific research on (1) understanding fire dynamics and firefighters’ working environment, (2) heat transfer process in firefighters’ personal protection equipment (PPE), (3) development and revision on standard fire tests and thermal performance requirement of material and PPE and (4) development of new firefighter PPE. Finally, research on fire protection for materials and people is one of our objectives, but our essential goal is to educate firefighters (emergency responders) about better understanding of fundamental of fire risk and physics within PPE for their safe operation.Evaluation of reghter clothing by ash re manikin.Fundamental research on test method against heat and ame will be contributed to international standard (ISO) development.After completion of Ph.D. at Univ. of Maryland in the U.S., he had worked for Nat’l Res. Inst. of Fire and Disaster as a research scientist and a federal re investigator before joining Shinshu Univ. in 2015. His expertise is thermal and re protection engineering and its application of personal protection.Principle of natural phenomena shall be understood by using various sciences and engineering. Throughout the research in our lab, understanding of scale gap between ideal and fact will be recognized. This will be good experience and basic knowledge to contribute to research and development for new technology.Outlook for researchDue to energy conservation and fuel eciency, many kinds of polymer materials and its application have been developed. Safety shall be the rst priority even if main objective is new material development. Our graduates will always have safety consciousness in any new technology development.Outlook for students after graduationDevelopment of testing method against heat and ame for reghting gloves. Design of fabric layering in reghting gloves will be developed by fabric and by whole glove test.Functional Machinery and MechanicsSensor Development onHand ManikinFitting Gloves on the ManikinWhole Glove Test against Heat Exposure


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