Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

19Kansei EngineeringSearching for beautiful and comfortable clothes based on the relationships of textiles, clothing patterns, and manufacturing technologyDepartment of Advanced Textile and Kansei EngineeringI think clothing that provides the function and design that consumers want, and clothing that will also actually lead to purchases, has such kansei values as comfort, beauty, stylishness, elegance, classiness, and cuteness. Such pieces of clothing are also made from clothing materials that are beautiful and that have superior physical properties and function. In the lab, I conduct research to identify methods for designing these kinds of beautiful and comfortable clothes as well as materials to use in such clothes from the points of view of textile engineering, clothing studies, and kansei engineering.Tenure-track Assistant ProfessorExternal appearance changes depending on whether there is an inner lining (left: without inner lining; right: with inner lining).Research on the eects of an inner lining when manufacturing clothingThe feel of clothing changes depending on whether there is padding (left: without inner lining; right: with inner lining).Assistant Professor Kim came to her current position in 2014 after working as a special researcher (DC2/PD) in the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Her elds of specialization include clothing engineering, textile engineering, and kansei engineering. Her principal elds of research include clothing materials, clothing design, and evaluation.I work to clarify principles of clothing manufacturing that previously have been derived from experience through research that aims to systematize engineering. Ultimately, I would like to propose ecient design methods for clothing that is beautiful and comfortable and thereby contribute to an industrial world that aims to produce clothing that consumers will prefer and purchase.Outlook for researchMy goal in teaching is to train employees of the future who have not only expertise in clothing materials and clothing design, but also a commanding outlook and communication skills along with an ability to accommodate globalization.Outlook for students after graduation(a) CollarMy research also addresses mechanisms for three-dimensional shaping of clothing through sewing and ironing. Shown are dierences due to processing of parts of jackets created with the same cloth and pattern (top: with suitable processing; bottom: without suitable processing). (b) Armhole(c) ShoulderKyoungOk Kim


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