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15Kansei EngineeringThe science of heat and thermal perception: Creating individually preferred thermal environments by adjusting airflow and clothingDepartment of Advanced Textile and Kansei EngineeringHeating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems consume energy. Since the thermal environment is an important factor in determining the productivity of occupants, it is desirable to develop effective HVAC&R systems. I am working to develop numerical simulation methods and experimental devices to analyze the thermophysiological state of the human body and the surrounding thermal environment. Simultaneously, I am developing new personal HVAC&R systems based on various methods and devices.Tomonori SakoiSenior Assistant ProfessorThis human subject experiment is being carried out to validate the cooling clothing that my lab developed. The clothing provided an adequate cooling eect, even in a warm and humid environment, when a convection fan was simultaneously used.Dr. Sakoi came to Shinshu University as an assistant professor after work experience at the University of Tokyo and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and he assumed his current position in 2013. He has won nine awards, including three “Best Paper” awards from the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan (2001, 2004, and 2009) and one “Best Paper” award from ASHRAE HVAC&R Research (2014).Outlook for researchGraduates work for major homebuilders, insurance companies, part manufacturing companies, and textile development companies.Outlook for students after graduationThis device is used to determine the heat transfer characteristics of body segments in a non-uniform thermal environment.Numerical simulation is used to analyze air and body temperature distributions.Based on the results of analysis of thermophysiological state and the surrounding environment, I intend to propose reasonable ways to form a comfortable microclimate around the human body, especially by adjusting clothing and airow. As an example, my lab has developed clothing with adjustable cooling capability that utilizes water evaporation.Kansei EngineeringExploring design as a new practical science and pioneering the future with the “theory × sensibility” approachDepartment of Advanced Textile and Kansei EngineeringIn the realm of design, both formal knowledge, for example logical knowledge and methods, and informal knowledge, for example judgment and inspiration that are hard to communicate, must be leveraged in development and management. I am deepening understanding of this so-called “theory × sensibility” approach through my development research.My career in design development began with the world's first Mini-Disc player and has included products used in daily life as well as medical equipment. It culminates in advanced design.Isao WadaProfessorThe Yamaha PJP-25UR (Yamaha Corporation) makes it possible for people in remote locations to engage in dialog and participate in meetings by commercializing a completely new approach to “controlling invisible things in a visible way.” My Tomorrow Project seeks to propose tools, environment, and systems for use by the children of the future.Professor Wada took his current position in October 2012 after working at the Pioneer Design Oce, the Sony Design Center, and as head of Wada Design. His principal areas of research and development include product design and product planning.I see design as a new practical science, and I believe it will be transformed into an opportunity for presenting countless possibilities for the future through experimentation and an opportunity for developing appeal as its potential is realized.Outlook for researchMy goal is for my students to achieve a level of capability that extends beyond the denitions of planners, engineers, and designers so that they can do their own planning and then produce and carry out projects on their own.Outlook for students after graduation


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