Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Research Activity2016|Shinshu Univ

Advanced Textile EngineeringBringing the wonder of interior textile products to the worldDepartment of Advanced Textile and Kansei EngineeringI am involved in research into the performance, safety, and comfort of interior textile products such as curtains and textile floor coverings. My work also includes proposing new testing methods to international standards bodies through research into testing and evaluation methods for accurately determining the properties of those products.Hirokazu KimuraProfessorObservation of house dust emissions generated by walking action using visible lightPhotographs of cross section of (a) skin-core and (b) triplet spun yarnsProfessor Kimura took his position with the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology at Shinshu University in 2013 after working at the Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture. Principal areas of research include evaluation of the performance safety, and comfort of interior products; evaluation of electrostatic properties of bers and high-polymer materials; and industrial standardization of textile oor coverings.Through the research and development of ooring materials that are elderly-friendly and easy on the feet, I hope to help create safe and comfortable living environments that also contribute to human knowledge by communicating my ndings to the world.Outlook for researchGraduates strive to participate in research and development work carried out by textile manufacturers and research institutes and ocial business corporations.Outlook for students after graduation09Advanced Textile EngineeringQuantifying product comfortDepartment of Advanced Textile and Kansei EngineeringI conduct a variety of research into the quantification of product comfort. Specifically, I draw on the science of human comfort to pursue a wide range of research with the goal of quantifying such factors as clothing appearance and comfort and chair comfort and texture.Toyonori NishimatsuProfessorA student tests freedom of motion while wearing golf apparel. Three-dimensional motion analysis is performed using markers on the arms.Professor Nishimatsu joined the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology at Shinshu University in 1993 as an associate professor after working at the Mie Prefecture Industrial Research Institute. He took his current position in 2000. His principal areas of research include evaluation of textile products, human comfort engineering, and sportswear design engineering.This golf shirt allows a wide range of body motion (sold commercially).This comfortable suit allows easy motion (sold commercially).I expect research in this area to expand to encompass all types of products in daily life, including textile products such as car interiors (seat comfort, steering wheel operability, and meter visibility), architectural interiors (ease with which doors can be opened, tactile comfort of oors, and exterior appearance), and household products (detergents and softeners).Outlook for researchGraduates are active in new product research in elds such as sportswear, apparel, fabric processing, car seats, car interiors, and architectural interiors.Outlook for students after graduation


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