Environmental ISO Student CommitteeThis committee has been formed out of students’ own initiatives on each of Shinshu University’s five campuses with the aim of conducting a variety of environmental activities.A booth at “Eco-Products 2015”Shinshu University set up its second-ever booth (following the first showing in 2014) at “Eco-Products 2015,” an environment-related fair. The booth exhibited a series of panels that explained the University’s environmentally friendly activities, and held a workshop where visitors could experience making chopsticks using scraps from forest thinnings.Overseas Environmental Education Training TripAn education training program is held every year. This photo was taken during the 2015 visit to France. In the past, training programs have also taken place in Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. The students gain first-hand knowledge of the differences between environmental activities in Japan and those in other countries.Distribution of Reusable Bags to FreshmenEvery April, when new students matriculate at Shinshu University, members of the Environmental ISO Student Committee design and distribute reusable bags to the new students. Thanks to the Environmental ISO Student Committee’s passion for the environment, they use these bags with a real awareness that they are more environmentally friendly than disposable shopping bags.Eco-campus Cards Carried by All Students and Staff MembersThis card promotes environmental awareness and contains information regarding environmental policies and conservation as well as a space for the card holder to keep a record of their own efforts to protect the environment.07