Unique Point 1 :Cultivating an environmental mindsetAcquiring a genuine environmental mindset from a global perspectiveThe foundation of education at Shinshu University is the development of individuals who have the capability to resolve social issues while maintaining an enriched sense of humanity and being able to serve as leaders in society. One aspect of these qualities and capabilities is the “environmental mind”, which is outlined in our diploma policies for undergraduate students.In 2001, Shinshu University’s Faculty of Engineering became the first national public university in Japan to obtain ISO14001 certifications. Since then, the entire university has taken up the theme of becoming an ecological campus and has produced many individuals who are well versed in a variety of basic and applied skills related to the environment. This “environmental education” is one of the unique aspects of our curriculum made possible by Shinshu’s rich natural environment.A unique aspect of our environmental activities is that students are at the center, and they continue to grow as they repeat the PDCA cycle in their lifestyles on and off campus. Students formed the environmental ISO student committee to independently implement and maintain an environment management system.In addition, since 2008 we have adopted the “Green MOT (Management of Technology) Education Program”. This is mainly led by the Graduate School of Management (Institute of Innovation Management), and provides graduate school students with environmental training related to technology. Also every year since 2008, we have sponsored overseas environmental study trips during which students have become captivated by the differing perspectives on environmental issues to be found outside Japan, and have benefitted from the resulting opportunities for in-depth study and cultural exchange. For these students, through the key global concept of the environment, the horizon of innovation in society has been broadened.06