The University Emblem (Komakusa Motif)The Komakusa (Dicentra peregrina) is an alpine plant that has become one of the symbols of Shinshu. It is widely known as the queen of alpine plants for its noble appearance and became a familiar motif after it was incorporated into the University’s lapel badge in 1950. It was formally adopted as the ofcial emblem of Shinshu University in March, 2010.The University Logo, in which the initial “S” of Shinshu University forms the shape of a bird soaring beneath the prefecture’s wide open skies. The three feathers symbolize “education”, “research” and “contribution to society”, and together constitute the dynamic image of a broad wing representing the University’s flight towards the global community of the world. At the same time, the wing also symbolizes the idea of progress towards a future in which “nature”, “society” and “the individual” are united in harmony. The colour scheme, with its gradated shades of lighter and darker greens, reects the overowing vitality of the natural environment in Shinshu, and is an expression of hope for the growth and development of the University and its students.The University LogoDate of issue : November 2016Edited and Published by The Office of Public Relations3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto-city, Nagano, 390-8621 URL: University Corporation, Shinshu University