Attached SchoolsIn the kindergarten we aim to fulfill its educational vision “to allow children to be devoted to play.” Surrounded by a rich natural environment, we are committed to supporting children and enabling them to explore, spontaneously and proactively, whatever interests and intrigues them.Kindergarten The school song of Nagano Elementary School is also the song of Nagano Prefecture, “Shinano no Kuni”. The principle of education is comprehensive learning (more precisely, the education of children from within), which we have continued from the Taisho period. Based on this principle, we established the “Learning Together” program at this school with the goal of learning, as researchers, side by side with the children. This program stresses raising animals or growing vegetables as the core activities in the class and stresses experiential activities in the study of academic subjects. Also the Tanihama Disciplinary Swimming Session, which has a hundred years of history, is still held. Nagano Elementary SchoolIn Nagano Junior High School, we offer a unique educational activity called “human week” during which all students think about their way of living. It is held annually for a week in July and the students of each grade conduct activities to deepen their contact with nature and society according to a particular theme. For example, first-year students focus on environmental issues, while second- and third-year students discuss their social experiences and social contributions, respectively.Nagano Junior High SchoolIn Matsumoto Elementary School, we aim to educate children to be active, think with concentration, and develop friendships. To accomplish these purposes, we have various events or activities such as music assemblies and “sumo” tournaments, so that students will become intellectually, ethically, and physically well-rounded individuals. Matsumoto Elementary SchoolMatsumoto Junior High School became a UNESCO-affiliated junior high school five years ago and promotes Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Activities include study opportunities that have developed from people, things, and events in the community. For example, students clean the area around Matsumoto Castle. Such activities promote our educational goal of producing “Strong and spiritually rich global citizen who are proactive, creative, and have love for others.”Matsumoto Junior High SchoolThe School for Special Needs Education caters to children with mental disabilities. All grades (1st to 12th grade) strive to live according to the motto “Do what you can by yourself with a smile.” Furthermore, the school values cooperation with families and the local community. The PTA and the College of Education, for example, share responsibilities for after-school club activities.School for Special Needs EducationAttached Schools48