【Shinshu University-Innovative Research & Liaison Organization (SUIRLO)】The URA provides personnel (research administrators) who take charge of providing support for research activities throughout Shinshu University, planning and managing collaborative industry-academia-government-community projects, and applying education and research activity results in practical ways. By pursuing such activities in a centralized and well-planned yet flexible manner, the URA aims to achieve more advanced research at the University and promote greater collaboration between the University and industry, government and the local region.University Research Administrators Office (URA)The Advanced Research Promotion Office endeavors to achieve more advanced academic research at Shinshu University and bolster fundamental University research capabilities while tying together all academic research support efforts and strengthening the foundations of academic research support throughout the University.Advanced Research Promotion OfficeAREAS provides centralized planning, proposal and implementation of industry-academia-government and academia-community collaboration measures for Shinshu University. Furthermore, AREAS gives back to local society through the results of education and research activities at the University and ties together all University projects aimed at contributing toward the vitalization of regional society.Advanced Regional Liaison Strategy Office (AREAS)The Research Center for Supports to Advanced Science (RCSAS) aims to not only facilitate the cooperation among the fields of gene research, animal experiments, instrumental analysis, and radioisotope application to support the research which need higher techniques with safety and efficiency but also cultivate individuals with the skills necessary to conduct research in all these fields.Research Center for Supports to Advanced Science (RCSAS)Shinshu University Disaster Mitigation and Prevention Center aims to promote education and research on regional disaster prevention and mitigation at Shinshu University in an organized and consistent manner as well as to utilize the results of research on disaster generation mechanisms in thereby raising the capability to prevent and mitigate disasters through regional cooperation.Shinshu University Disaster Mitigation and Prevention CenterCenter for Shinshu Medical Innovation of Regional Technology aims to leverage and develop research seeds and technical seeds of Shinshu University and etc. for the medical field to enhance the regional medical industry dramatically. The industry, academic, and governmental organizations collaborate tightly to work on research development, commercialization, and talent cultivation.Center for Shinshu Medical Innovation of Regional TechnologyInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) was established to focus our resources into Shinshu University’s unique research fields. We aim to boost up our research and technological innovation capability through raising the research level of younger professors and collaborating with worldwide distinguished researchers. Cutting edge researches and their integration in ICCER should lead to Center of Excellence.Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER)Organization for Research and Education etc.47