Global Education Center (GEC) is responsible for promoting global education at Shinshu University and overseas dispatch trips that include study abroad programs for students, increasing admissions of international students, and providing them with Japanese education, establishing international exchange policies, making comprehensive adjustments within the university as a core to plan and promote global strategies, and conducting public relations activities to locally and globally. These activities help the center’s aim to contribute to the globalization of the local community and to promote international cooperation and collaborations.Global Education Center (GEC)The Student Support Center aims to provide an integrated student support system that’s comprehensive to the students. Our goal is to have the staffs work together as one to educate and give guidance to the students for their college lives and support them in dealing with the social needs.(Primary support efforts: tuition exemption, entrance fee exemption, scholarships, extracurricular student life support, student welfare (such as student dorms), club activity support, etc.)Student Support CenterThe Student Advisory Center serves as an open venue for consultations where users can inquire and talk about a variety of matters. Operated by specialized staff and teaching staff, the Center responds to questions and concerns about students’ daily lives, offers consultations on mental health issues related to academic studies and interpersonal relationships, provides support for students with disabilities, and offers other advisory and consultation services. The Center cooperates with student counseling offices established in various faculties as well as the Center for Health, Safety and Environmental management and other university facilities to provide full support for students’ daily lives on campus.Student Advisory CenterThe Career Support Center provides opportunities for prospective graduates to acquire “the ability to independently consider the way you live your life/work” and build a satisfying career as an independent member of society in their early years. In addition, it provides students with more practical and effective programs for successful job search activity.(Primary support efforts: individual consultations, employment-seeking guidance and seminars, on-campus corporate informational meetings, etc.)Career Support CenterCenter for the Teaching Profession supports a teacher training of the secondary education in 5 faculties teacher-training courses: the Faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, and Textile Science and Technology. In support, the training of the Core-Science-Teacher is a characteristic. The center supports the local teacher training and the museum curator training.Center for the Teaching ProfessionThe center was founded with the aim of planning and implementing the university’s teaching license renewal course, which was developed in accordance with the new teaching license law regulations. The center also offers attractive courses that capitalize on the expertise of teachers from the School of General Education and those from eight all faculties across the university. Teacher’s Support Center for Teaching License RenewalOrganization for Research and Education etc.46