Organization for Research and Education etc.The purpose of this project is to create innovative water desalination and reclamation systems using robust separation membranes composed of nanocarbons. We aim to satisfy future social needs by enabling the desalination of water from various sources, and then circulating and supplying it in adequate quantities to people throughout the world.Global Aqua Innovation Center for Improving Living Standards and Water-sustainabilityThis center has been established through the support of the government with the aim of being a platform to create revolutionary innovations in order to flexibly utilize the resources of each region as well as creating new industries and jobs. The center serves as the core facility of the Global Aqua Innovation Center (COI).International Center for Science and Innovation at Shinshu University (AICS)【Organization for Education and Student Welfare】The Admissions Center aims to not only promote the smooth operation of entrance examinations held by the University as well as those by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations but also develop examination systems based on admissions policies and public relations strategies for those applying to the university. Admissions CenterThe Research Center for Higher Education aims to not only support the construction of a systematic course of study at Shinshu University but also promote the research and development of strategic methods that assure the quality of education.Research Center for Higher EducationThe e-Learning Center at Shinshu University aims to provide the necessary support for implementing educational programs that include e-Learning and other information-communication technology. e-Learning CenterThe Shinshu University Center for Environmental Awareness conducts liaison with each of campuses and coordinator duties for environmental activities across those campuses in addition to “fostering talented individuals who are environmentally aware” and “promoting independent activities for environmental conservation/improvement in accordance with the development of an ecological campus.” Shinshu University Center for Environmental AwarenessOrganization for Research and Education etc.45