University FacilitiesThe University’s stated educational goal is that of training students to become specialized professionals equipped to work at the highest levels. To this end, the School of General Education cooperates closely with each of the University’s faculties to both devise and smoothly implement a general education curriculum from a university-wide perspective. Secondly, taking into account the integrated system of each faculty, the School also promotes research and development and offers comprehensive planning and support.School of General EducationThe Shinshu University Library is expanding at all the five campuses in Nagano prefecture and currently consists of the following six libraries: Central Library, Medical Library (Matsumoto Campus), Educational Library (Nagano-Education Campus), Engineering Library (Nagano-Engineering Campus), Agricultural Library (Ina Campus) and Textile Science and Technology Library (Ueda Campus). Each library has its unique specialty and having mutual linkage. User can ask materials in a library in other campus to be sent to his nearest campus for use. Also, the libraries are open to the citizens, showing that the university is open to the regional community. Referencing, copying, and inquiry services are accepted. Also, it is possible to borrow the materials on the open shelves that are for check-out.University LibraryThe Center for Health, Safety and Environmental management consists of the Department of Health Education and the Department of Environment/Safety and Hygiene. Health Education Division works on the health management of the students and the staff. Environment/Safety and Hygiene Division works on improvement of the study environments of the students and the work environment of the staff. The main center is located in Matsumoto Campus with sub-offices (Health and Counceling Center) located in each of other campuses.Center for Health, Safety and Environmental managementThe Integrated Intelligence Center (IIC) consists of the three divisions: Section of Information Infrastructure, Section of Information Support, Section of Information Research and Development. Here, we work on management and maintenance of the network and information systems connecting our campuses, and provide support for the users. Also, while conducting educational studies on information technologies, we implement, manage and operate SUNS (Shinshu Ubiquitous-Net System), the distance learning system enabling us to share lectures not only within Shinshu University but also among universities in Nagano Prefecture.Integrated Intelligence Center (IIC)The University Hospital, equipped with 707 beds and 68 clinics, is not only a general medical examination and treatment center but also a specialized hospital that conducts more advanced medical and clinical research. Furthermore, it acts as a teaching hospital that trains the next generation of healthcare professionals. Some of the hospital’s most recent successes include the world’s first adult living donor liver transplant and the country’s first brain-dead donor liver transplant.University HospitalThe Gender Equality Promotion Center has branch offices on all Shinshu University campuses, with most activities conducted at the Matsumoto Branch and Faculty of Education Branch. It is structured around three subdivisions: the Gender Equality Awareness Promotion Division, the Female Research Personnel Support Division and the Work–Life Balance Division. The Center strives to improve workplace environments so that each and every employee will find their work to be fulfilling and meaningful while also enabling everyone to take on individual roles in the local community, at home and in other locations outside of the workplace.Gender Equality Promotion CenterUniversity Facilities43