Unique Programs of StudyAdvanced Leading Graduate ProgramCultivation of future global leaders in the fiber renaissanceBy uniting Shinshu University’s Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology and Graduate School of Science and Technology this five-year program represents an entirely new approach to cultivating future leaders in the Textile and Fiber Engineering fields.Students will acquire not only special knowledge and applied skills in fiber sciences but also a broader perspective on the relationships amongst humans and fiber technologies. Valuable research skills will be learned through interdisciplinary and cross-industry connections, and management skill training will allow students to become future project leaders in commercialization and operations studies. We want our students to lead the fiber technology revolution and to be at the forefront of solving real-world fiber problems. We offer both the curriculum and the support system to make that happen. We have the door to your future in the fiber elite.Five-Year Graduate Degree ProgramGlobal Leaders for a Sustainable SocietySustainable Society Global Leaders Program is a five-year graduate degree program which is related to the Graduate School of Science and Technology (master’s program) and the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology (doctoral program). This program consists of three courses, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Food, and Sustainable Water. The objective of this program is to foster global leaders who have the ability to develop sustainable lifelines in the fields of energy, water, and food. The distinctive curriculum for this program includes laboratory rotations, practical internship, and study overseas. The program students are required to take this program’s unique subjects and Management of Technology courses offered by Shinshu University Graduate School of Management. The students will be selected from the first-year master’s degree students enrolled in the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Shinshu University.Textile-related Inter-university Collaboration to Foster Human Resources for the Next-generation Textile and Fiber Engineering FieldsShinshu University, the University of Fukui, and the Kyoto Institute of Technology align and unify their educational and research resources with the aim of developing an association of textile related graduate schools. A “Textile/Fiber Engineering course” is established in the master’s programs at each graduate school to integrate educational and research resources of engineers and scientists who acquire consistent knowledge and skills in the domain, possess a global viewpoint, have the ability to set challenges and solve problems, and possess leadership.Toward the Standardization of Ethics Required for Researchers and the Education Program: CITI Japan ProjectSix universities centered around Shinshu University (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Fukushima Medical University, Kitasato University, Sophia University, and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) have been proceeding with a program to promote inter-university collaborative education, or the “Standardization and Nationwide Implementation of Responsible Conduct of Research Education – CITI Japan Project” (MEXT), since 2012. Scientific activities are essential to human society in continuing to sustain and develop our future. However, as the recent rise in being a hot topic of conversation proves, research misconducts can have a derogatory effect on society and the research itself. The cultivation of researchers with an appropriate sense of ethics is therefore very much necessary. In response to that social demand and to increase the level of ethics of researchers, we have been producing and disseminating educational materials concerning research ethics via e-Learning within this project. As of February 10, 2016, 369,218 registered persons at 560 universities and research institutions had been exposed to the educational materials.Unique Programs of Study42