•Master’s Program (Science, Engineering, Textile Science and Technology, Agriculture, Biomedical Engineering) With roots in the Shinshu region’s rich natural blessings, the Graduate School of Science and Technology has close ties to the local region and an openness toward the world at large. Based on a range of education and research targets, the Graduate School strives to produce promising human resources capable of contributing to society in the fields of science, engineering, textiles, agriculture and biomedical engineering. Furthermore, the School works in cooperation with the five research institutes of the Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) to pursue research in leading-edge fields.Through these efforts, the School strives via educational and research activities to foster advanced and highly specialized human resources who possess sophisticated field-specific knowledge and practical technical capabilities, and who are able to flexibly apply these toward the solution of various problems.Graduate School ofScience and Technology (Matsumoto/Nagano (Engineering)/Ueda/Ina Campus)The aims of the various programs provided by the Graduate School of Medicine are as follows: 1. The goal of the Human Sciences Master’s Program is to contribute to society by cultivating diverse and talented individuals and creating a new network of human sciences that link the mind and body. 2. The aim of the Medical Sciences Doctoral Program is to conduct medical research that bridges the division between basic and clinical medicines and to thoroughly investigate the mysteries of medical science from the perspective of continuous human welfare and medical development. In addition, the program aims to foster medical researchers who can lead the world in creative/translational research as well as train researchers and highly skilled medical professionals in fields such as transplantation therapy, regenerative medicine, and genetic research. 3. The aim of the Institute of Pathogenesis and Disease Prevention Doctoral Program is to pioneer new approaches that focus on the prevention and suppression of diseases, promote health according to the mechanisms of disease, and conduct comprehensive research ranging from the genetic (genome) and individual levels to the societal level.4. The fundamental principle of the Health Sciences Master’s Program is to foster highly specialized healthcare professionals who have strong ethics and a rich sense of humanity, an international perspective, and the ability to solve clinical problems based on sophisticated scientific evidence. According to this principle, the program aims to contribute to maintaining health, disease/disability prevention, treatment, and care, in addition to improving the quality of life from a spiritual, physical, and social point of view. 5. The Health Sciences Doctoral Program aims to further advance the specialized skills previously acquired during the Health Sciences Master’s Program, and cultivate educators, researchers, and highly specialized healthcare professionals with the ability to conduct creative research.Graduate School of Medicine(Matsumoto Campus) •Master’s Program (Human Sciences)•Doctoral Program (Medical Sciences, Institute of Pathogenesis and Disease Prevention)•Master’s Program (Health Sciences)•Doctoral Program (Health Sciences)The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology aims to cultivate researchers and engineers who can apply their highly creative research/development abilities to advance the scientific world through education and research in an effort to contribute to the local and international communities. Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology (Matsumoto/Nagano (Engineering)/Ina/Ueda Campus)•Doctoral Program (Bioscience and Textile Technology, Mathematics and System Development, Materials Science and Engineering, Mountain and Environmental Sciences, and Bioscience and Food Production Science)The School of Law aims to continuously examine and improve the quality of legal education and research and realize the following goals:1.To cultivate legal professionals who will serve the rule of law with morality and a rich sense of humanity2.To cultivate legal professionals with advanced expertise and the ability to contribute to the local economy, society, and government3.To cultivate legal professionals who are knowledgeable in economics / administration4.To cultivate legal professionals who have knowledge of the latest trends in science and technologySchool of Law(Matsumoto Campus) •Professional Degree Program (Law)* Suspended applications for admission in 2015Graduate School41