The Shinshu University Graduate School is unique in that it offers interdisciplinary research courses that capitalize on the overall strengths of the university. Such courses allow students to explore issues such as fundamental philosophy, practical engineering, medicine, and law in order to contribute to the harmonious coexistence of nature and human society.Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and TechnologyDivision of ArtsDivision of Industrial and Social Studies Graduate School of Science and TechnologyGraduate School of MedicineGraduate School of MedicineFacultyFaculty of ArtsFaculty of EducationFaculty of Economics and LawFaculty of EngineeringFaculty of ScienceFaculty of Textile Science and TechnologySchool of MedicineFaculty of AgricultureMaster’s ProgramDoctoral ProgramFaculty and Graduate School Correspondence Chart(The lines denote a relationship between organizations)Graduate SchoolProfessional Degree ProgramSchool of LawGraduate School of EducationUndergraduate Degree Program*Indicates the Joint Degree Program, which allows students in the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology to register and take courses under the Division of Industrial and Social Studies (Institute of Innovation Management) to complete both degree programs concurrently.*Graduate SchoolThe vision of the Division of Arts is to facilitate cooperation between the extensive scholastic fields of the various social sciences and interdisciplinary, comprehensive research regarding the essence and structure of culture, its diversity, and universality. Based on this goal, we aim to train advanced professionals who have a broad outlook on culture, earnest and trustworthy research behavior, and a rich sense of humanity.Division of Arts (Matsumoto Campus)•Master’s Program (Regions and Cultures, Language and Literature)The Graduate School of Education aims to not only foster talented individuals endowed with creative and highly practical research abilities to become future leaders in the field of education, but also provide various school teachers and educational professionals with remedial educations to enhance their qualities and skills.Graduate School of Education(Nagano (Education) Campus) •Master’s Program (School Education) The Industrial and Social Studies Master’s Program aims to foster talented individuals endowed with the ability to solve problems facing our economic system, while the Institute of Innovation Management Program aims to cultivate talented individuals who can profoundly understand the trends in leading technology and its market and carry out organizational reform.Division of Industrial and Social Studies(Matsumoto/Nagano (Engineering) Campus) •Master’s Program (Industrial and Social Studies, Institute of Innovation Management) •Professional Degree Program (Teacher Professional Development)Graduate School40