学部School of Medicine [Matsumoto Campus]The School of Medicine conducts advanced and creative medical research, in addition to fostering clinicians, medical professionals, and researchers with a rich sense of humanity, a broad academic outlook, and the capacity to solve problems. Furthermore, the School of Medicine contributes to the local community and international exchange through the development of its education/research and medical treatment.□School of Medicine□ School of Health Sciences•Basic Medicine Class•Clinical Medicine Class•Division of Nursing•Division of Medical Technology•Division of Physical Therapy•Division of Occupational Therapy ScienceDepartment IntroductionFaculty of Engineering [Nagano (Engineering) Campus]Surrounded by a nature-rich environment, the Faculty of Engineering respects the individual strengths of each student and is dedicated to cultivating advanced engineering professionals with a wide array of engineering expertise and knowledge based on fundamental academic understanding and skills who are able to express their own opinions and solve practical problems they may face in the real world.We aim to produce graduates who maintain a deep interest in the harmonious interrelation of scientific technologies and environmental conservation as they make their contribution to human society, individuals capable of contributing to interdisciplinary fields of technology research, of responding flexibly to the shifts wrought by internationalization, and of working resourcefully in today’s rapidly changing information-centered society.□ Department of Chemistry and Material Engineering□ Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering□ Department of Water Environment and Civil Engineering□ Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering□ Department of ArchitectureDepartment Introduction□ Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences•Division of Bioscience and Biotechnology•Division of Animal Science•Division of Plant Science and Resources•Division of Forest and Environmental Symbiosis SciencesFaculty of Agriculture [Ina Campus]The Faculty of Agriculture conducts scientific, practical, and ethical education and research, while developing agriculture in the rich natural climate of Shinshu. We aim to educate individuals in the ability to investigate issues with a broad perspective in order to create a sustainable society in which people and nature coexist.Department IntroductionFaculty of Textile Science and Technology [Ueda Campus]The Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, surrounded by the rich natural environment of Shinshu, aims to further develop interdisciplinary leading-edge science and technology through the context of the traditional sciences and technologies rooted in “textiles,” the essence of clothing, food, and housing. Leveraging its unique position as Japan's only faculty of textile science, the faculty promotes diverse, world-leading research and educational projects in collaboration with domestic and international research institutes, as well as through collaboration between industry, academia, and government.Department Introduction□ Department of Advanced Textile and Kansei Engineering□ Department of Machinery and Robotics□ Department of Chemistry and Materials□ Department of Applied BiologyFaculty39