FacultyFaculty of Arts [Matsumoto Campus]Faculty of Economics and Law [Matsumoto Campus]Nestled in Shinshu’s four-season natural environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Faculty of Arts provides education that focuses on living harmoniously with both man and nature while dealing with related issues.We aim to foster the indivisuals of a new age (neo-humanists) who can not only consistently adopt a fundamental approach to all aspects of multifaceted contemporary society, but also critically and creatively consider such approach with their acquired practical wisdom.□Departmentof Arts•Course for Philosophy and Art•Course for Cultural Information Theory and Social Science•Course for Experimental and Social Psychology •Course for History •Course for Comparative Language and Culture•Course for English Language and Culture•Course for Japanese Language and LiteratureDepartment IntroductionFaculty of Education [Nagano (Education) Campus]Located in the rich natural environment of Shinshu, the Faculty of Education fosters talented individuals ready to bear the responsibility of educating future generations who have acquired both specialized expertise and fundamental abilities through practical experience and a rich sense of humanity. In collaboration with the schools associated with the university and the local community, we aim to deepen cooperation between the Faculty of Education and the Board of Education to provide our students with education centered on the principles of “clinical wisdom.”The ultimate goal of research in the fields of economics and law is the “creation of a better society”. This is the very characteristic of these two research fields that distinguishes them from other academic fields. In this spirit, the Faculty of Economics and Law, consisting of two departments, economics and law, aims to contribute to society in the areas of policy making and implementation via the system-design-centric approach.The Faculty offers two well-structured curriculums, one in economics and the other in law, where students can acquire not only specialized knowledge and skills but also an understanding of how these might be applied to other fields in order to actively and bravely explore solutions to the problems and challenges they will face in their workplaces, local communities, and other sectors of society.□ Training Course for School TeachersCourse Introduction□ Department of Applied Economics□ Department of LawFaculty of Science [Matsumoto Campus]The Faculty of Science is a place to pursue intellectual curiosity. The fundamental principles of this area of study are to examine the diverse phenomena found in the natural world and pursue the laws behind their existence. At the Shinshu Faculty of Science, we value the rich natural environment of Shinshu, its history and culture, and the activity of its people, based on the vision of the university and the fundamental principles of science. We aim to conserve nature, improve the welfare of all people, and stimulate industry through intellectual resources and activities. We foster talented individuals who can understand, respect, and live harmoniously with the world’s diverse natural environments and cultures. In addition to nurturing individuality, we hope to provide our students with a wider perspective that exceeds their field of study and the ability to easily adapt to new information. We must use our research accomplishments responsively for advancement of the well-being of all people without harming the sanctity of nature. Department Introduction□Department of Mathematical Sciences – •Course of Mathematical Sciences •Course of Natural Informatics□Department of Science – •Course of Physics •Course of Chemistry •Course of Geology •Course of Biology •Course of Environmental SciencesDepartment IntroductionFaculty38