Extension courses for the general publicSocial LiaisonVision for Collaborations with Society, Social Contributions, and Education and Research Focused on the Local Region1) Strengthen the University’s role as a regional center for knowledge, strive to solve regional problems, and foster human resources capable of providing support for local communities in order to vitalize the region.2) Pursue collaborative industry-academia-government activities, contribute to local society and make other efforts to achieve innovation and promote the sustainable growth and development of society.Ranked as No.1 in University’s Local Contribution Ranking in Four Consecutive YearsShinshu University was ranked No.1 out of a total of 751 public and private universities in Japan, according to the “2015 National University Local Contribution Ranking” published by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy in 2015, thus making the university the top over four consecutive years since 2012.Strengthening the Functions of the Shinshu University-Innovative Research & Liaison Organization (SUIRLO)Vision for the Shinshu University HospitalWe have firmly established the Advanced Research Promotion Office, Advanced Regional Liaison Strategy Office (AREAS) and University Research Administrators Office (URA), and make use of these to expand and strengthen the functions of SUIRLO while formulating research and social contribution strategies, boosting the utilization of incubation-type facilities and so forth.1) As a central hospital for Nagano Prefecture, cultivate medical personnel, pursue even more advanced research and development efforts in the medical field and give back to the local region.2) As a central hospital for Nagano Prefecture, strengthen hospital functions in order to provide advanced medical care.Lifelong Learning Services•Classes Open to the Local CommunityWithin the all general lectures (School of General Education and 8 faculties) the students take every year, about 800 are open to the public. We have almost 300 attendants each year combining the first and the second semesters. •Public Programs for Local CitizensWith the requests from public facilities and organizations such as community centers, lifelong learning facilities, and schools, the teachers of our university go out to different locations within Nagano prefecture to offer 120 lectures per year with about 10,000 attendants in total. •Extension Courses These are extension courses for the general public that cater to local residents. The university offers courses for a variety of people ranging from elementary school students to the elderly. •Other (seminars and individual lectures in various fields) Outline of Open Classes for Local CitizensClassificationNumber of Extension CoursesAttended Courses from among the leftTotal AttendanceNumber of PeopleFirst Half of the Year/Year RoundSecond Half of the YearFY 20111,163 courses262 courses 426 people128 people118 peopleFY 20121,089 courses288 courses458 people149 people128 peopleFY 2013960 courses222 courses368 people127 people117 peopleFY 2014900 courses205 courses313 people122 people100 peopleFY 2015836 courses197 courses311 people114 people95 peopleSocial Liaison32