Diploma Policy[Common for All Graduate Schools]•During their master’s program, students conduct research from a broad perspective, and acquire knowledge in their specialized field of study and the necessary skills to undertake an occupation that requires expertise and specialized research knowledge.•During their doctoral program, students conduct independent research and acquire the necessary skills for engaging in technical activities beyond basic research.•During their professional degree program, students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake an occupation that requires sophisticated expertise.Restructuring and strengthening of undergraduate education from the viewpoint of the studentsThe first year curriculum will be enhanced for the freshmen to learn the basic skills as an university student such as to proactively take courses and study. To foster individuals capable of playing active roles as future leaders in global society, undergraduate education that maximizes the strengths and characteristics of Shinshu University will be reviewed based on university-wide principles, the undergraduate education system will be reformed, and qualitative conversion to systematic educational programs from the viewpoint of the students will be undertaken.Cultivation of the Specialists to Lead the Global Society (Reexamination of the Graduate School Programs)We aim to cultivate the talent to become the leaders in this global society with the excellent abilities to solve social issues in addition to being experts as the highly specialized workers. For this purpose, we are reexamining our master’s and doctor’s programs. Also, as the proof of the quality of our graduate school program, we are establishing new systematic programs such as a special course (Leading Graduate School) with unified master’s and doctor’s course (5 years).Education30