Dawn of a New DayA faint orange glow remains in the sky on a crisp morning as you look out over Japan’s Southern Alps, stretching all the way to the horizon from this vantage point on the summit of Mount Norikura. (Mount Kita at the center-left is the second-highest peak in Japan.) The dawn scenery that unfolds, from the early beams of light that close the night to the actual ascent of the sun into the sky, is a time of pure bliss during which Japan itself seems to awake from its slumber.Photo: Takeshi Wakabayashi (Division of General Affairs, Shinshu University Hospital)In order to develop distinctive global-scale programs in education and research, foster highly creative human resources, and sustainably and strategically contribute to the growth and progress of the local region and society, we have established a basic management policy which we describe as the “Three Gs” and “Three Ls”. The Three Gs relate to human resource cultivation and comprise the concepts of green, global and gentle: the rich and verdant natural environments surrounding our campuses throughout Shinshu promote an environmentally-focused mindset, and our human resources possess the abilities required to pursue goals on a global scale, a highly dignified air and the ability to think in a calm and composed manner. The Three Ls, on the other hand, refer to local, literacy and linkage, which represent our approach to university administration and relate to the various measures we have adopted to contribute to local communities. This includes our provision of educational programs to foster refined, intellectual thought; and our efforts to become more closely involved both in collaborations with other universities, and in industry-academia-government collaborations, as well as in cooperative projects with local communities and others.We follow a strategy based on the Three Gs and Three Ls, with the aim of incorporating Shinshu University’s characteristic approach into our mission of providing education, pursuing research and contributing to society. At the same time, we hope to spread awareness of Shinshu University’s advantages in order to broaden its appeal among as many people as possible and so persuade students to make us their first-choice university.03