Unique Point 7 :History and TraditionAs the only national universityin Japan bearing the name“Shinshu” used before theEstablishment of Prefectures in1871, the University isengaged in fostering talentedindividuals who respect theimportance of its historyShinshu University, the only university in the current system, bearing a name used before the 1871 establishment of prefectural names, is also firmly rooted in the many communities of Nagano Prefecture. Because the University includes various faculties, each with their own individually different histories and traditions, the University as a whole provides a unique educational and research environment.The Matsumoto City Agatanomori cultural hall, formerly, the “Historical Matsumoto Higher School,” was designated as an important cultural property in June 2007.The newly released “Shinshu Daigaku Kokoro no Uta (Songs of the Heart of Shinshu University)” includes the Shisei Dormitory song “Haru Sekiryo (Springtime solitude)”, the student song “Eichi Minagiru (Never-ending wisdom)”, and various other songs that will cause some to reminisce about a time when they were freer and more broad-minded.Shinshu’s Shisei Dormitory song, “Haru Sekiryo” was performed for the first time at the 2013 matriculation ceremony. This is a special feature of the all-around education that Shinshu University has inherited.Morio Kita was a graduate of the old Matsumoto High School and an author known for his Doctor Manbo series. His family members kindly donated these rare books to Shinshu University Library when the “Kita Morio Library” was founded. The photo shows parts of the donated book series. Photos of Kunio Tsuji, another graduate of the same school, together with Morio Kita are on the cover of Chikuma Gendai Bungaku Taikei.“Shinano no Kuni” in the handwriting of Retsu Asai (possession of the Faculty of Education)22