The entire Shinshu region serves as our campus, where we actively seek to expand the scope of our cooperation with local communities while pursuing world-leading educational and research activities in unique fields in the hope that students will make us their first-choice university.Dr. Kunihiro Hamada, President of Shinshu University The Shinshu spirit can be described by the following concepts (from the Shinshu Brand Strategy created by Nagano Prefecture): “the beauty of nature alongside harmonious coexistence with the natural environment,” “health and longevity” and “prefectural citizens who are hardworking and passionate about education.” Shinshu is a region characterized by patient and dedicated pursuits amid rich natural environments, where people are able to focus on education and research, manufacturing, the fostering of culture and other such endeavors.Shinshu University has five campuses located in four municipalities—Nagano City, Matsumoto City, Ueda City and Minamiminowa Village—where we pursue educational and research activities across a wide range of academic disciplines including the arts, education, economics and law, the sciences, medicine, engineering, agriculture and textiles. Because we have locations in all four parts of the Shinshu region—Hokushin, Chushin, Toshin and Nanshin—one might say that the entire region together serves as our campus. This arrangement enables us to make a great number of meaningful contributions to local communities, with whom we work in close harmony to foster local culture in addition to pursuing collaborative projects with local industry. Among the three frameworks established under the Grant Program for National Incorporated Universities, Shinshu University has been placed in Priority Support Framework Category 1 as a “national university whose pursuits center primarily on contributing to the local region while also promoting education and global- and national-level research activities in those specialized areas of interest from which the university derives its distinctive academic character.” In addition to further bolstering our cooperation with local communities, we also intend to bring our endeavors in these unique educational and research fields up to the highest of global standards.Message from the President02