Walking Assist Cyborg (Image)Unique Point 5 :Accelerating Financial Collaboration between Industry, University and GovernmentIndustrial innovation for the worldborn in Shinshufrom industry-academia collaborationNear-Future Self-Contained Walking Assistance Cyborg ProjectShinshu University’s Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) is currently developing cyborg science to help restore mobility to people who have difficulty walking due to intractable diseases. The technology will utilize intramedullary nail surgery to implant walking assistance devices equipped with smaller, lighter, and more highly performing components along with contactless rechargeable batteries based on the technologies now used in “curara®” Robotic Wear. This cutting-edge project by ICCER’s four member institutes is Japan’s first ever collaboration between medicine, engineering and fiber science.“Wearable Robot” Robotic Wear “curara®”This has been co-developed by our Faculty of Textile Science and Technology and a speed reducer manufacturer. It employs a non-exoskeletal structure (which supports joint movement using the skeletal system), best suited for supporting daily movements and also for rehabilitation, and is attracting attention from companies and social service agencies.18