Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research(ICCER)Institute of Mountain Science(IMS)Institute for Fiber Engineering, Shinshu University(IFES)Center for Energy and Environmental Science(X-Breed)Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (ICST)Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) ⑤Disseminating unique biomedical science research to the world and discovering new knowledge in collaboration with many disciplinesWe aim to develop measures for the unprecedentedly rapid aging of Japanese society and conduct comprehensive biomedical research in order to maintain Japan’s competitiveness in science through synergistically integrated projects related to biomedical science, medicine, and the environment.Department of Advanced Medicine for Health PromotionAs Japan becomes a super-aged nation, this department pursues the pressing task of working toward a health-focused, long-lifespan society in which the elderly can be healthy and find purpose in their lives throughout their final years. We bring together sports medical sciences, aging biology, oncology and nutritional science as we strive for effective preventive medicine centering on physical exercise.Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical EngineeringThe Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering is centered on nano-technology, regenerative medicine, and the development of medical equipment. Biological science researchers from medical and agricultural faculties collaborate extensively with investigators from engineering, fiber engineering, and science to make discoveries found only at the boundaries of science and to develop new and innovative technologies.Department of Interdisciplinary Genome Sciences and Cell MetabolismWe integrate vital function science with food function science to develop optimal food products. Alongside these, we study biological resource science for the development of new medicines important in establishing health as well as longevity science for a comprehensive analysis of health from nutritional, environmental, and genomic angles.Department of Biological Sciences for Intractable Neurological DiseasesOur collaborative research in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and engineering is concerned firstly with protein-misfolding disease, which is important in the study of amyloidosis, a specialization in the medical care of the elderly, and secondly, with the synapse diseases that cause a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders. These form the two major pillars of research in an area essential to the clarification of a patient’s pathology and eventual effective treatment.Department Profiles15