X-BreedSustainable SocietyProminent Energy Saving・Spectroscopic technique・Electrochemical technique・Microscopic technique・Radiated beam technique・Large scale calculation・Quantum-mechanical calculationMaterials applicationClarification of phenomenaMaterials synthesis・Energy Storage・Energy Conversion・Green Power Generation Technology・Evaluation of Physical Property and Performance・Development of Evaluation Method・Architecture Design・Nano-metal・Nano-oxidation products・Functional Polymer・Meta-material・Thin film/Fiber・Bio-material・Functional CarbonProminently Low Environmental BurdenSystem Device Design ResearchersInorganic Material/Carbon Material ResearchersComputationalSciencePhysical Property Physics/Physical Property Science ResearchersOrganic Material/Polymer Material ResearchersInterdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research(ICCER)Institute of Mountain Science(IMS)Institute for Fiber Engineering, Shinshu University(IFES)Center for Energy and Environmental Science(X-Breed)Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (ICST)Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS)Center for Energy and Environmental Science (X-Breed)Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (ICCER) ②Development of innovative materials through the cross-breeding of ideasIn order to achieve drastic cuts in energy consumption and develop materials with a low environmental impact which will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, the Center for Energy and Environmental Science promotes the cross-breeding of ideas between the innovative branches of materials science and also within related disciplines, enabling the solution of complex problems which have proved resistant to more conventional techniques.Energy Storage GroupThe Energy Storage Group will focus on controlling mass transport phenomenon through the design and optimization of interphase and interface. Unique crystal engineering such as ‘Flux coating’ will be used to create designed structures for the efficient transport of charge carriers. Our goal is the realization of advanced energy storage materials and devices with game-changing levels of performance.Fuel Cell GroupThe Fuel Cell Group places emphasis on the nano-scale design of efficient interface/interphase for improved transport and kinetics. Tailored nano-catalysts such as innovative nanosheets will be developed for use as highly activated and durable catalysts. Research and development for next-generation electrolysis based on fuel cell technologies will also be pursued.Photovoltaic GroupIn the Photovoltaic Group, our research focuses on the realization of 3rd generation solar cells utilizing organic, inorganic, and inorganic-organic hybrids. Our goal is the creation of solar cells with a conversion efficiency of >30%.Optical Devices GroupThe Optical Devices Group strives to develop novel optical devices with unprecedented functionalities. The optical properties of materials synthesized by other research groups will be studied in depth so that they might be incorporated into next-generation optical devices.Interdisciplinary Research GroupThe Interdisciplinary Research Group concentrates on the implementation and cultivation of research areas emerging from the crossbreeding of ideas. The areas of interest range from the fundamental understanding of unusual or unique physical/chemical phenomena, to the exploration of new and innovative materials and synthetic methods, and the pursuit of practical applications.Material Design and Analysis GroupThe Material Design and Analysis Group develops new analytical techniques based on, but not limited to, diffractometry and scattering methods to ‘visualize’ and clarify molecular-scale interfacial phenomena. The advancement of such state-of-the-art methods is targeted towards applications including energy storage (batteries, supercapacitors) and fuel cells, photovoltaics, photonics, and so on.Research Group Profiles12