Engineering-Research-Activity2016|SHINSHU UNIV.

Takuya Kawahara(see p.52 )awasareT ikiaS”nur“ tsuj ton si ”NUR“96(52)Developing professional communication skills in engineeringstudentsPauline NaomiKawamoto (see p.52 )(54)Creations and Applications of Nanosize Magnetic Materials for theSpintronics Devices(52)Research of the Earth upper atmosphere near Space68Operator Theory and Quantum Information TheoryHiromichi OhnoJun Kawabe6767Mathematics for Uncertainty and Fuzziness(10)Realizing Nuclear Fusion Energy : Modelling of Hydrogen andHelium in Fusion PlasmaTetsuji Haeiwa(see p.54 )Keiji Sawada(see p.10 )68Mathematical Physics :Mathematics sheds light on physicalphenomenaAkito Suzuki66Surface Tension Measurements of Crystals and Thermodynamics ofCrystal SurfacesHajime WagataHyperspace Control Crystalline Materials for the Innovative EnergyStorage DevicesNobuyuki Zettsu6364Photochemistry and Dynamics of Small MoleculesNobuaki TanakaLi-Bin NiuNumerical Simulations of Flows using a SupercomputerChallenge to Construct an Environmentally-Friendly Method66Improving the Reliability of Power Plant MaterialsOptical Cloak of Invisibility & Topology OptimizationGaruda Fujii65Aqua-Innovative Materials for Resource Recovery andEnvironmental PuricationFumitaka HayashiTakaomi Suzuki63Takashi Yoshida6465Nonlinear Partial DierentiaotomakO uromaMsnoitauqE lMathematicsContentsContentsForeign Language Education6