Engineering-Research-Activity2016|SHINSHU UNIV.

International Place2014: Camping & Mountain Biking in Hakuba(left), Traditional Costume Show at KoubouFestival( top right) , Ski Trip at Suginohara(bottom right) The World Comes Together at I-Place : w/ international students chasing their dreamsFriendly and party-loving international students with their friends(at International House Lounge).International Life at ShinshuU. International student support AkimiFujita,PhDAssociate ProfessorAfter getting PhD in Astrophysics from Columbia University, I worked at UCSB and Max Planck, and after years of parental leave with my second child, I am back to work! My research interests are galactic winds, galaxy formation/evolution and SF. OurinternationalstudentsareveryhardworkingastheyhaveaclearsenseofpurposeTheyalsohaveglobalperspectives,andmostofall,theyareveryfriendlyandparty-lovingpeople.Ourmottois“WorkHard,PlayHard,‘andtheyreallydoworkhardandplayhard!TheystudytogetherallnightduringFinalExamHours,activelyparticipateinoutreachprograms,plan/runEnglishCaféandTEDxShinshu,playsportstogether,throwadancepartyeverymonth,etc.ManyofthemliveinInternationalHouseMy ResearchStars are born and stars die. In particular, high-mass stars end their lives as they explode themselves as supernovae (SNe). We model the effects of repeated SN explosions in galaxies driving bubbles and winds, using hydrodynamic simulations, and study the influence of bubbles and winds on galaxy formation and evolution. We are also interested in the roles of SNeand magnetic fields on regulating star formation. InternationalPlace,oftenabbreviatedtoI-Place,isacommunitywhereinternationalstudentsgettogetherandenjoylifeatShinshuU.Currentlywehave74internationalstudentsfromAsia,Europe,AfricaandSouthAmerica.TheyallcametoShinshuU.chasingtheirdreams.Iamaninternationalstudentadvisorfromamixedculturalbackground,andIwanttobeyourfriend.Youmaybestrugglingwithyourstudyorresearch,and/ormaybeconfusedbytheculturaldifferences.Pleasecomeandtalktomeanytime;IamhereforyourhappinessandsuccessatShinshuU.Psychological testsMental health care centerEverybody goes through lots of worries and suffering during adolescence. Your feelings may change just like the weather.You may sometimes feel it is too much work to handle on your own or may be at a loss where to start with since your worries are too complicated. Don’t you think that you have to solve them by yourself? Even if you try to solve your problems all by yourself, you may get stuck. You can use counseling in such cases. If you feel sadness deeply when you are sad and give your full attention to your problems and worries, your heart will eventually be able to find answers, change your way of thinking and improve yourself. Our hearts have such kind of capability. 1. Academics and Career Options-I don’t feel like going to school…-I can’t focus on my studies because I’m not motivated to study…2. Student Life-I have concerns about interpersonal relationship with my friends, boy/girl friend, seniors and juniors…-I’m in trouble at home or dormitory…3. Your Mind-I often feel uneasy…-I’m lonely…-I have no goals and don’t feel like doing anything…-I’m frustrated…-I’m worried about my character and ability…Feel free to consult a counselor about any other concerns no matter how trivial they may be.IsamuYamazakiAssistant ProfessorMain research fields arestudent counselingand clinical psychology.Health Center at the Nagano-Engineering CampusFeel Free to use this Service.Counseling room Bring Your Worries About …student Counseling72