Engineering-Research-Activity2016|SHINSHU UNIV.

35Hideki TakamuraIntegration of the Old and New in Historic EnvironmentShinichiro TamoriThe Most Ecient Home Heating and Cooling Equipment thatSignicantly Reduces CO2 EmissionsNoriaki SogawaCao Xi31Analysis on New Materials in CamayoK uregihSgnireenignE livi3233Dating & Visualization of Ground Water - using chemical tracers -Shinji Nakaya31From Construction of a Gigantic Earth: structure to deepsubterranean developmentAkito MatsumotoMasashi ToyotaYoshiharu Asano32We study biological waste and wastewater treatmentNon-stationary Frequency Analysis for Flood Control and WaterUtilization Plan34Yoshio Fujii Regional Environmental PlanningUrban Transportation Planning Based on a Behavioral Trait ofPersonTatsuo Takase3033Study on Bridge Deterioration to Prolong Bridge Service LifeConsider the Water Current and Quality in Lakes and Rivers34A Bridge, as a structure : A Bridge, in your mindShigeru Shimizu292930Research on Safety and Security of Steel StructuresHirofumi KanekoMasashiro MatsudaTakashi Kawamura35Research on Measures of Wooden House for Cold Region andDistribution of Domestic WoodMikiko TerauchiWe make a suggestion about buildings and town planning for theglobal futureRyota Yanase36Naoki TakagiDevelop Structural Design method for Disaster MitigationToshikazu TsuchimotoResearch for “Natural Environment and a House" in NaganoKazuhiro Iwai38From Architecture to Urban, the Possibility of a Design3637Thinking Deeply about the Human EnvironmentPreservation and Regeneration of the Historic ArchitectureShigeo Hoyano3937Japanese Traditional Wooden Buildings to Resist Earthquake38ArchitectureContents3