Engineering-Research-Activity2016|SHINSHU UNIV.

HoyanoLabOurmainresearchinterestisJapanesearchitecturalhistory.Bystudyinghistoricarchitecturesinatown,wetrytounderstanditshistoriccontext,andthensuggesttownplanningsolutionswhichreflecttheoriginalcharacterofthetown.Forthefutureofarchitecture,itisimportanttobeabletounderstandbothadvancedandhistoricarchitectures.Theresearchonhistoricarchitectureswillfosterthecreativitythatcanrelateadvancedarchitecturetohistoricarchitecture.Shigeo HoyanoAssociate ProfessorDegree:Dr. in Engineering, ShinshuUniversityMain Research Field:Architectural History.Field note : Research of the historic architecturePreservation and Regeneration of the Historic ArchitectureHistoric architecture in Nagano prefecture・Designersandengineersonthepreservationofhistoricarchitectures.・Designersandengineersontheregenerationofhistoricarchitectures.ArchitectureIn the FutureAfter GraduationHumidity control by building materials. Water absorbed on the building materials is absorbed into the inside in 6 seconds.An image magnified 20 times by electron microscope.Iwai LabIt is necessary to clarify the weather condition of the construction site in the conduct of architectural design. For example, when thermal load simulated calculation of buildings and effective passive-method are considered, the point of specific meteorological data will be required.In other words, it means to know how thermal insulating properties and airtightness of building should be ? and what kind of natural energy should be used ? in advance.I have developed a meteorological map using data such as temperature and relative humidity in Nagano and Matsumoto city and also the remote sensing data with artificial satellite.These maps demonstrate development of meteorological data at the construction site and actual condition of urban climate.There are characteristics of climate in Nagano as follows.1. There is great difference in daily range and annual range of temperature because Nagano is located in an inland area.2. As for the climate in wintertime, there is a lot of snow in the north area and it is often fine weather in the central area and the southern area.3. There is less-frequently occurrence of cloud, and there are a lot of hours of sunlight in a day.4. Because it is surrounded by the mountains over 3,000 m, the wind speed is small.Based on these characteristics and more local weather, I would like to study the whole concept of house.Kazuhiro IwaiAssistant ProfessorHometown: NaganoPresent post since 2014 through Construction Ministry Building Research Institute –Second Department and ShinshuUniversity -Engineering Department.・Doctor of engineering・First-class registered architectResearch for “Natural Environment and a House" in NaganoThroughlearningandresearchonbuildingenvironment,Iexpectstudentstolearnspontaneousapproach,notpassiveapproach.Inaddition,Iexpectstudentstoaspireforthecareerrelevanttoenvironmentally-consciousdesignandconstruction.ArchitectureIn the FutureAfter Graduation1sec. 2sec. 3sec.4sec. 5sec. 6sec.Climate-conscious Town development. The workshop of town development was held in Nagano city using 1/500 scaled 3D model of Nagano city.38