Engineering-Research-Activity2016|SHINSHU UNIV.

Research on “Multi-Objective Optimization” using “EvolutionaryComputation” and its application to solve various real-world problems.27Evolutionary Computation for Design Innovation and SustainabilityTatsuo Sugimura22Piezoelectric Material~Material development and application~Noriko BambaIntelligent and Self Recovering Wireless Communication Systems:Cognitive Radio25Bu Yinggang2021Research of Compound Semiconductor Thin-lm Solar Cells andEnvironmentally Friendly MaterialsYoshioHashimotoIntroduction of Optical Communication into IC ChipsNovel Material Search and Device Fabrication22202819Energy from Environmental Magnetic Field, Application ofMagneticsKunihisa TashiroNoriyuki UrakamiWireless Light Bulbs: the mystery of electromagnetism !Tsutomu Mizuno18New-generation Energy Devices from Nano-carbonsKiyoshi Tanaka1925High-reliability Space Spanned on n-Dimensional SpaceijayiM ekusuoKngiseD tiucriC tnemeganaM rewoP detargetnITakuya Hayashi18Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Carbon MaterialsHiroyuki Muramatsu“Soft motor” that can be placed on a ngertip ~actuatortechnology and its application ~23Analysis of the Electrical Equivalent Circuit of a Quartz-crystalTuning Fork and its Application to a Tactile SensorHideaki Itoh24Osamu Takyu2627Design, Analysis and Applications of Optimization AlgorithmsYouhei Akimoto28Analysis of structural mechanics and investigation of disastermitigationToshiyuki Ohkami21Research of Solar Energy Utilization and Related MaterialsMyo Than HtayMikihiko Nishiara23Research of Organic Electronic Materials and Devices, and relatedNano-Hybrid TechnologiesEiji Itoh 24Theoretical Approach to Realize Wireless Communication withUsability and EciencyFumihito SasamoriVisible Light Communications(Information transmission by LED light)Shiro Handa26Revealing the Limits of the Source Coding ProblemsAguirre HernanFrom Soil Mechanics to Ground Environments :Disaster prevention and environmental conservationTakeo UmezakiContentsCivilEngineering2