Engineering-Research-Activity2016|SHINSHU UNIV.

Solid Mechanics on Nanometre-scale Materials using AtomicSimulations16Numerical Simulation of Complex Fluid Flows in Daily LifeKosuke Suzuki17Green Electronics Devices and Equipment - DC smart grid in LSIpackage for low power consumption driving -Toshiro Sato17Green Electronics Devices and Equipment - Optical probe currentsensor for high-eciency converter -Masaomi Nishimura151614For Ecient use of Energy and Energy ConservationTatsunori AsaokaRobots with Intelligence! Toward benecial autonomous systemsKimitoshi YamazakiYuichi IkedaDevelopment of a Method to Achieve Safe and High-performanceSystem Operation15Masaharu MatsubaraCapturing ʻCoherent Structuresʼ in Turbulence by MEMS Sensors1214Daisuke MatsunakaMulti-scale Modeling of Mechanical Behavior and Materials Designfrom Electronic and Atomic LevelsMasato YoshinoNumerical Simulation of Microuidics (Multiphase Flow)11Masaki KameyamaStructural Design for Safety, Reliability, and Adaptability12Satoru SakaiNew Robotics based on New Control Principle !Realization of Intelligent Sensing Systems that can think abouttheir Own Performance13Jun-ya Takayama1311Noboru NakayamaDevelopment of Materials Useful in the Fields of Medicine andWelfareKoh-ichi SugimotoDevelopment and Applications of Ultrahigh-Strength Low AlloyTRIP-aided Steels8Shigeo FukudaMechanical Motion with Atomic-level Resolution and Accuracy8"Development of the Coating Technology(process and materials) "for high function of the machine materialKazuhiko Sakaki1010Nobuhiko HenmiUltra Precision Machine and Mechatronics (Sensor, Actuator andMechanism)Realizing Nuclear Fusion Energy : Modelling of Hydrogen andHelium in Fusion Plasma9Yuichi ChidaAutomatic Control: realization of desired motion of systems9Keiji Sawada(Mathematics Physics)Makoto SoneharaContentsContentsElectrical & ElectronicEngineering1