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Gene Research Center

Gene Research CenterDivision of Gene Research Department of Life Science Research Center for Human and Environmental Sciences

Gene Research Center was established in May, 1996 as an University Facility for Research and Education by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture. Research Center for Human and Environmental Sciences was established with the reorganization from the union of Gene Research Center, Radioisotope Research Center, Institute of Animal Experiments and Research Center for instrumental Analysis on April in 2003.

The purpose of this Center is overall contribution to the progress on research in the university, which is achieved by the services as follow; to facilitate the cooperation among gene research, animal experiments and instrumental analysis, to support the research which need higher techniques with safety and efficiency, and to bring up the skills of stuffs and students in all these fields.

As a part of the Center, Division of Gene Research is providing the service focused in the area of life science and technology, as same as that served when it was GRC. Construction of the building of the Division was finished on March in 2000. 1500m2 floor is divided into 30 rooms; in which several rooms of P1 ~ P3 level for gene recombination experiments, the rooms bearing machines for shared utilization and large (for ~70 people) conference room. Automatic genetic sequencer, protein sequencer, HPLC, bio-image analyzer, and many other equipments and machines for gene research are ready to use always.

Division of Gene Research

ProfessorJunichi SEKIGUCHI

Associate ProfessorNobuaki HAYASHIDA

Research AssociateMasayuki HASHIMOTO

The research in this center aims at development, education and conduction of advanced technology of genetic engineering. The experimental space and equipments will be provided to the researchers widely, in and also out of the Shinshu University. Also we will coordinate cooperative projects among the university, local enterprises and local institutes. The current research subjects of the staff are the following:

・Functional analysis of the Bacillus subtilis genome.
・Cellular functions and characterization of cell wall hydrolases and regulation of their genes.
・Biosynthesis and modification of peptidoglycan and teichoic acid in bacteria.
・Functional analysis of the genes controlling the development of chloroplast.
・Development of molecular tools for genetic analysis.
・QTL analysis and marker assisted breeding of vegetables.
・Ecology of soil bacteria.