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Education and Research Goals


Carrying our tradition of science and technology rooted deep in fiber and textile into 21st century, we continue our time-honored endeavor to create interdisciplinary technologies at the cutting edge of science and engineering. We will bring up engineers, professionals and researchers of broad scope, high competency, integrity and internationality capable of contributing to the future of mankind. Through such endeavors in research and education we shall contribute to the betterment of human society, to the peace of the world and to the amelioration of welfare.

Education and Research Goals

To realize the ideal set forth we lay down the following objectives for education.

Goals for Education


Goals in undergraduate education are set in four areas: personality development, professional competency, adaptive skill and internationality.

  1. Personality development
    ・Mind of responsibility for and contribution to the society
    ・High ethical standard
  2. Professional knowledge and skill
    ・Possession of basic academic knowledge of science and engineering
    ・Competency in the specialized field
    ・Ability to apply knowledge
    ・Ability to discover and solve problems
    ・Management skill
  3. Ability to adjust oneself to evolving technology and changing society
    ・Communication skills
    ・Creative mind to pioneer interdisciplinary work
    ・Ability to self-educate
    ・Venture mindedness
    ・Information acquisition and exchange skill
  4. Internationality
    ・Understanding of foreign and Japanese cultures
    ・Proficiency in foreign languages
  5. Graduate

    In graduate school the goals of undergraduate education are pursued further and new goals are added aiming at bringing up advanced professionals and researchers. Namely,

    1. Solid and well organized academic foundation
    2. Practical engineering skill and R&D capability
    3. Advanced professional knowledge and skill
    4. Abilities to see things in perspective and to make comprehensive judgment

    Goals for Research and Contribution to the Society

    Textile industry in Japan is going through a rough time, but doing surprisingly well considering the situation: the Ministry of International Trade and Industry ranks fiber/textile industry at 9th among16 important industries in Japan. At the core of today's Japanese fiber/textile industry is the advanced fiber technology. The technology is finding its way into unexpected areas such as life science, information technology, environment and nanotechnology, which the Ministry of General Affairs cites as four most important fields of science technology. It is truly interdisciplinary and this is perfect for us. We have a long tradition of research in fiber/textile science and the related areas and accumulated vast knowledge and expertise in working in interdisciplinary areas. Based on the invaluable academic assets we made a move some years ago to expand our scope of research into fields that are becoming important in 21st century: resource and energy, environment and recycle, safety and enrichment of life, information and communication, medicine and welfare.

    To promote the interdisciplinary research on the cutting edge we set forth the following goals:

    1. Internationality Creation of new interdisciplinary engineering domain
    2. Creation of science and technology leading to new life style
    3. Establishment of International Center of Excellence for Frontier Fiber-Textile Science
    4. Creation of new businesses through industry-university-government consociation
    5. Contribution to the promotion of regional industry

    The effort culminated in the Center of Excellence (COE) program: The establishment of the new frontier of fiber/textile technology adds a new dimension to the fiber/textile industries and affords a significant social impact, contributing to the enlargement of employment and the creation of venture businesses.