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Applied Chemistry Course


To realize your dream utilizing chemistry


Chemistry is the fundamental basis for various industrial fields. In this department, we aim to educate the talent who can take part in the research for the creation of new materials or molecules utilizing chemistry. This is the place to study if you are interested in innovative research of new useful materials and molecules. We have no hesitation in recommending our graduates to all companies that desire to make a valuable contribution to society.

About Our Course

Considering the future of humankind and the earth from a global point of view, chemists should be integral in solving problems concerning the environment, energy needs and consumption of natural resources. The purpose of this department is to produce researchers and engineers, who can conduct research to help resolve these issues through our education and training programs in the field of applied chemistry. Creative imagination and innovative concepts are essential for scientists and engineers. To achieve this, a wide range of subjects in chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biological chemistry and boundary fields are offered by the department. In each research laboratory, faculty, graduate students, and senior undergraduates collaborate in innovative research to create the new frontier in science and technology.


Applied Chemistry Course web site

Applied Chemistry Course web site

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Research Topics

Faculty List


Name Position Research Field Email ※1 Tel ※2
Tsutomu Ishiwatari Professor tsuishi 5410
Fujio Okino Professor

Function, Properties and Materials in Chemistry

fuokino 5393
Kunihiro Hamada Professor

Polymer/Textile Materials
Functional Materials/Device
Polymer Chemistry

khamada 5411
Jiro Motoyoshiya Professor

Organic chemistry
Synthetic organic chemistry
Organic photochemistry

jmotoyo 5402
Tetsuya Tanigami Associate Professor

Polymer gel
Polymer blend
Polymer memrane for fuel cells

tanigam 5407
Yoshinori Nishii Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry

nishii 5403
Yasushi Nomura Associate Professor nomuray 5398
Yoshiyuki Hattori Associate Professor hattoriy 5392
Yuichi Hirata Associate Professor yhirata 5409
Tetsuya Fujimoto Associate Professor

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Keywords:Asymmetric reaction , Asymmetric catalyst , Organocatalyst , Heteroatom

tfujimo 5493
McNAMEE, Cathy Elizabeth Associate Professor

Physico-chemical characterization of surfactants, Surface properties of cells, Interaction between cells and between cells and particles
Atomic Force Microscope,
Langmuir trough

mcnamee 5585
Masashi Watanabe Associate Professor mwatana 5408