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Bioscience and Biotechnology Course


The 21st century will be a century of biotechnology

HOCHI Shinichi

Many kinds of organisms have evolved on earth with various abilities that have not yet been clarified. Biotechnology is developed on the basis of the marvelous abilities of living organisms, and has a key role in solving future problems, such as environmental matters, food problem, energy resource, just to name a few. If you are attracted to the great potential of this field, then we invite you to join our course and study widely in the fields of biotechnology and bioscience.

About Our Course

Recently, much attention has been paid to aspects of our life and health in preparation for our aging society. We are also faced with global-scale problems such as environmental disruptions, energy depletion, and shortage of food supplies. In order to solve these problems, the development of new technology is necessary, one which pursues efficient utilization of marvelous abilities of living organisms. In the course Technology of Bioscience, we study structure and function characteristic for living organisms, and apply the acquired knowledge to an efficient utilization of biological resources, a production of useful compounds, and a development of sustainable bioenergy. We train an engineer and a researcher who has an ability to develop a new system leading to an enrichment of human life by applying a wide field of biotechnology.


Bioscience and Biotechnology Course web site

Bioscience and Biotechnology Course web site

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Research Topics

Faculty List


Name Position Research Field Email ※1 Tel ※2
Toshio Shida Professor shida 5346
Makoto Shimosaka Professor

Applied Microbiology
Keywords:Microorganisms , Gene , Enzyme , Metabolism

mashimo 5341
Masayuki Nozue Professor msnozue 5353
Toshihiro Fujii Professor

iochemistry, Molecular Physiology, Protein Engineering
Biomedical  Engineering, Biological Material Studies

fujiit1 5518
Shinichi Hochi Professor

Reproductive Biology
Developmental Engineering
Keywords:Embryos , Spermatozoa , Oocytes

shochi 5350
Goro Taguchi Associate Professor

Applied Biochemistry
Keywords:Secondary metabolism in plant , Enzymatic reaction , Biosynthesis , Metabolism of xenobiotics , mushroom

gtagtag 5342
Masahiro Nogawa Associate Professor

Plant Molecular Breeding
Applied Bicrobiology
Plant Pathology

mnogawa 5351
Takaomi Nomura Assistant Professor

Molecular Biology
Functional Biochemistry
Applied Biochemistry

nomurat 5575