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Campus Life

Campus Life

There are a number of support systems in effect for providing a comfortable learning environment for international students studying in the Faculty of Science, Shinshu University. The following details the main support offered.

  1. Japanese Language Courses help those with limited knowledge of the Japanese language.
  2. Academic Advisors act as a reliable contact for discussing research and career wishes.
  3. The Tutor System allocates Japanese students to help international students.
  4. Recreational Activities such as parties and other events provide a terrific way to enjoy life in Japan.
  5. Scholarships are also available to international students.
  6. Housing and Living Information provides all other necessary support for living in Japan.

Academic Advisors

Teachers are able to counsel students on research and career wishes.

Students are able to discuss research they want to conduct and their hopes for the future with a sympathetic advisor who is ready to help with any problems or uncertainties the students have.

Tutor System

Japanese nationals also studying at Shinshu University are allocated to help international students.

We understand that international students wish to have Japanese friends, but we also realize how difficult it is for them to begin such friendships. That is why we have developed the Tutor System. The Tutor System enables international exchange between international students and Japanese students studying at Shinshu University. Events are regularly organized as a place for making new friends through cultural exchange. We believe that the world will become more open and friendly through cross-border friendships like these.
Details:Shinshu University International Center

Recreational Activities

Providing a terrific way to enjoy life in Japan.

In addition to the Tutor System, we also organize events where students and teachers from the research laboratories are able to mix. Partying with colleagues from the classroom is always fun.


Scholarships are also available to international students.

Details:Shinshu University International Center

Housing and Living Information

We also provide all other necessary support for living in Japan.

The following housing is available for our international students.
Matsumoto International House

Contact the Shinshu University International Center for any concerns about housing and life in Japan.

International Section, Shinshu University International Center