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Graduate School Master's Program Admissions

Division of Science and Technology (Matsumoto Campus) Summary of Entrance Examination

In the Division of Science and Technology (Matsumoto Campus), we provide education to understand nature more deeply and comprehensively. Based on this understanding, we aim to achieve a better human society.
Research topics range from the world of abstract mathematics to elementary particles and the universe, and also include the earth, living organisms and their environment.

Surrounded by Shinshu's rich natural environment, history and tradition, we nurture a well-balanced perspective on nature. Our goal is to provide students with rich knowledge and to educate them to be able to adapt to the complex and multifaceted changes in society through fundamental research.

In order to realize these educational goals and philosophy, at Matsumoto campus, we are waiting for those of you with a burning passion to carry out science such as "observation of nature, experiments, and the construction of logic".

Program Enrollment Capacity

ProgramMathematical ScienceMaterial ScienceGeosphere and Biosphere Science
Enrollment Capacity 16 26 28

Master's Program Admission Procedure Dates for 2012

Type General Students Working Students Third-Year Students International Students
 I IISecond Call
Application Guidelines Available Late September Late November
Download Application Guidelines

Screening 10/3~10/6 11/24~11/30
Application Form Deadline 10/11~17 12/15~12/22
Entrance Examination 10/25・26
Applications Now Closed
2012/ 1/18
Applications Now Closed
Examination Result Announcement 11/2 2/3 3/20 2/3
Admission Pledge Card (Submission Deadline) 11/16 -
Registration Period 2012





How to Request Student Application Guidelines for 2012 Admissions

To receive the guidelines, send to the office below an envelope with the words "Request for Student Application Guidelines for XXX" (substitute test category for XXX) marked in red on the front. In the envelope, include a self-addressed (name, address, zip code) stamped (see the required amount in the table below) A4 envelope (33 x 24 cm).

Test Category Requested Document Required Amount of Stamps Distribution Period
Master's Programs
(General Students)
Applications Now Closed
Student Application Guidelines 240 yen From May 14
Master's Programs
(General Students Second Call, Working Students, Third-Year Students, International Students)
Student Application Guidelines 390 yen From October 26

Address requests to the following office:

Admission Examination Office,
Faculty of Science, Shinshu University
3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 390-8621
FAX 0263-37-2441
TEL 0263-37-2439