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Introduction to Research in our Department
 Applied Organic Chemistry
Biological Chemistry
(Prof. Yoshihiko AMANO, Assoc. Prof. Kouichi NOZAKI, Asst. Prof. Masahiro MIZUNO, Senior Asst. Prof. Nobuaki SATO)
 Functional analysis and protein engineering of enzymes involved in the synthesis/degradation of carbohydrates. Analysis of enzyme reactions, and its application for biomass utilization and synthesis of bio-functional materials. Hydrothermal reaction technology for utilization of biomass and other organic resources (food, industrial waste, etc.).
The Chemistry of Molecular Assemblies (Assoc. Prof. Yukihisa OKUMURA)
 Construction of nano/micro chemical systems based on lipid bilayer membrane vesicles (liposomes).
Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Prof. Hiroyuki SUGA, Asst. Prof. Kennosuke ITOH)
 Development of synthetically useful stereoselective organic reactions.
 Applied Physical Chemistry
Membrane Science and Technology (Assoc. Prof. Ryotaro KIYONO)
 Preparation and characterization of membranes and transport phenomena across membranes.
The Chemistry of Catalysis (Prof. Shozi MISHIMA, Asst. Prof. Tomohiko OKADA)
 Preparation of novel catalysts with high performance, application of catalysis to environmental problems, and fundamental research on catalysts and catalysis.
Molecular Chemical Engineering (Assoc. Prof. Hirohisa UCHIDA)
 Molecular theoretical approach to study solvent properties of supercritical fluids. Application of supercritical fluid technology to the design of functional microparticles and thin films.
Colloid and Interface Chemistry (Asst. Prof. Toshio SAKAI)
 Design of interfaces and nanomaterials in solutions on the basis of amphiphilic characters and self-assembly.
 Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
The Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials
(Prof. Seiichi TARUTA, Assoc. Prof. Tomohiro YAMAGUCHI)
 Development of advanced industrial materials by novel processes using synthetic micas, transition aluminas and carbon nano-tubes, etc.
Instrumental Analysis (Prof. Norio KANEKO, Assoc. Prof. Naoyuki SHINOHARA)
 Electroplating of alloys and application of electrolyzed water. Control of surface morphology, crystal orientation and film composition of electrodeposited metals, development of electroplating baths for Pb-free solder, and application of electrolyzed water to electronics manufacturing.
Applied Electrochemistry (Prof. Susumu ARAI)
 Fabrication of nano functional materials based on electrochemistry.