International Symposium on Chemistry of

Layered Double Hydroxides and Related Layered Solids

October 14, 2016

Venue: Shinshu Univ., Nagano (Engineering) Campus, on 2nd floor of AICS tower (Building No. E2)


The organizers aim to share knowledge on the chemistry of layered double hydroxides (LDH) particularly on the interactions of LDH with molecular species and nanoparticles for material applications as adsorbents catalysts, and controlled release from viewpoints of environmental purification.  It is also our hope that the symposium encourages scientists and researchers including younger generation to promote future study on the basic science of LDH and the related layered solids as well as their advanced applications.

Organizers Ryo Sasai (Shimane University, Matsue), Yusuke Ide (National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba), and Tomohiko Okada (Shinshu Univ., Nagano)


10:00 Opening address   Tomohiko Okada (Shinshu Univ.)

Chair : Yusuke Ide (NIMS) and Tomohiko Okada (Shinshu Univ.)

10:05 < Invited lecture >

Prof. Makoto Ogawa (VISTEC, Thailand): gPreparation of Layered Double

Hydroxides h

Chair Ryo Sasai (Shimane Univ.) and Tomohiko Okada (Shinshu Univ.)

11:10 < Invited lecture >

Prof. Jae-Min Oh (Yonsei University, Korea)gInteraction between layered double hydroxide and biological substances depending on particle size and surface chemistryh

11:55 Tae-Hyun Kim1, Jun Young Lee2, Jeong Hoon Park2, Jae-Min Oh1* (Yonsei Univ., Korea1; Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea2) gRadioisotope Co-57 incorporated layered double hydroxide for tumor tracing agenth

12:10 Hyoung-Jun Kim1, Gyeong Jin Lee2, Ae-Jin Choi3, Tae-Hyun Kim1, Tae-il Kim2, Jae-Min Oh1* (Yonsei Univ., Korea1; Seoul National Univ., Korea2, NIHHS, Korea3) gLayered double hydroxide nanomaterials encapsulating Angelica gigas Nakai extract for potential anticancer nanomedicineh

12:25 Gyeong-Hyeon Gwak1, Istvan Kocsis2, Yves-Marie Legrand2, Mihail Barboiu2, Jae-Min Oh1* (Yonsei Univ., Korea1, Univ. of Montpellier, France2) gControlling supramolecular structure of guanosine monophosphate in the interlayer space of layered double hydroxideh

12:40 Closing address Prof. Ryo Sasai (Shimane Univ.)

[Laboratory Tour]

18:00- Banquet at gZenkarouh, a Japanese style restaurant