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Basic Ideas

Nestles in Shinshu's four season natural environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Faculty of Arts provides education that focuses on living harmoniously with both man and nature while dealing with related issues. We aim to educate the "Neo Humanists" for the coming age who cannot only consistently adopt a fundamental approach to all aspects of multifaceted contemporary society, but also criticaly and creatively consider such approach with their acquired practical wisdom.

Educational Research Goals

General educational goals at the faculty of arts are:

Students should develop practical mastery of critical and creative thinking, and this primary goal includes the achievement of the following more specific skills:

  1. The general ability to take a critical stance to what they already know and generate an innovative comprehension of it.
  2. Appropriate discernment of sea changes in the world and unwavering intellectual daring amongst it.
  3. The general ability to generate path-breaking future visions through critical assessment of historical/cultural tradition.
  4. Competence for making cross-cultural-cum-balanced judgment in confrontation with unfamiliar cultures and societies.

Students should develop practical mastery of the following hands-on skills for action.

  1. General information skills, such as data finding or quantitative reasoning.
  2. Communicative skills: Students should be able to show appropriate understanding of various and diverse views, and also be able to organize and express their own ideas effectively.
  3. Foreign language proficiency in the increasingly complex global environment: students should be able to converse and communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds.
  4. Creative potentialities for addressing and resolving complex interdisciplinary issues.

Three Policies of Faculty of Arts

Policy of Graduate Certification and Academic Degree Award

We will confer degree on students whose graduation these are accepted after their acquisition of practical skills of critical thinking and active learning, etc., following our education policy.

Policy of Curriculum Design

Under our academic policy and goals, we will design our education program as the systematic and interdisciplinary one that covers various theme and topics, for the aim of development of students' academic skills for their special fields of Humanities.

Policy of Enrollment acceptance

Our examination aims to select students who can enjoy studying and have interests in human nature, society, history, culture, languages, literature, information, and arts, because "practical knowledge" presupposes exactly such talents and interests.

Faculty of Arts

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