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International Academic Exchange

The Faculty of Agriculture and the Graduate School of Agriculture of Shinshu University are actively accepting overseas students aiming at the internationalization of research and education, and the consequent contribution to both the local and global communities.

International students from all over the world are enjoying their student life at the Faculty of Agriculture surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Ina Valley pursuing higher education and conducting research in their fields.

They take advantage of free Japanese classes and cultural exchanges with their instructors, students and local people through activities both on and off campus, and thus they acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of their specialty and Japanese culture.

Exchange Agreements with Overseas Universities

  Name of Universities (Countries)
Agricultural University of Hebei (China)
Chiang Mai University (Thailand)
Pelita Harapan University (Indonesia)
Kasetsart University (Thailand)
Henan Agricultural University (China)
Sangji University (Korea)
Bangladesh Agricultural University (Bangladesh)
Mongolian State University of Agriculture (Mongolia)
Beijing Forest University (China)
Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong (Bangladesh)
China Agricultural University (China)
Nepal Agricultural Research Council (Republic of Nepal)
Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)
Federal Resarch and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (Austria)
Forestry Department, Nagano Prefectual Government (Nagano pref.)
School of Life Science and Technology, Dalian University (China)
Institute of Modern Agricultural Research, Dalian University (China)
Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University (Thailand)
College of Agriculture & Life sciences, Seoul National University (Korea)
School of Agro-Industry, Mae Fah Luang University (Thailand)
Department of Food Science and Technology, College of Life Science, Sejong University (Korea)
Institute of Agricultural Technology, Suranaree University of Technology (Thailand)
Marpha Village, Nepal (Republic of Nepal)
Faculty of Animal Sciences, University of Jambi (Indonesia)

International Symposiums

International Symposium 2010
"Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: Asian Networks II"
International Symposium 2010

International Seminar 2009
Sustainable Development Based on Usage of Renewable Natural Resources in Bhutan

International Symposium 2008
"Sustainable Coexistence with Forest - Dietary Usage of Wild Plants and Agriculture in Bhutan -"

International Symposium 2007
"Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: Asian Networks I"

Useful Information for International Students

Location of Nagano Prefecture

"Shinshu" is the old name of Nagano Prefecture where the University is located, and the name attracts visitors so that Shinshu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan for its rich nature and culture.



By Car - approx. 3 hour drive from Tokyo, 2.5 hour from Nagoya, and 4 hour from Osaka By Train (JR Iida Line) - approx. 4 hours from Tokyo (Shinjuku) and 3 hours from Nagoya and Osaka By Bus (Chuo Highway Bus) - approx. 3 hours from Tokyo (Shinjuku) and Nagoya, and 5 hours from Osaka

Photo Gallery

International students Photos 1 International students Photos 2

Student Accommodation

Dormitory (Chugen Ryo on the Minami-minowa Campus, Faculty of Agriculture)
- 96 male occupants and 18 occupants
- Share with Japanese students
- Double-occupancy
- Shared kitchen and bathrooms
- Room rent: 700 yen / month
- Utility costs: approx. 9,000 yen / month
- Meals (if ordered): 600 yen / day (Breakfast 130 yen, Lunch 220 yen, Supper 250 yen)
- Close to supermarkets and bus stops

Apartments (Private Rental)
- Rent: approx. 20,000 yen ~ / month exc. food or utility costs
- Several apartments are available near the Faculty

Tutor System

Each international student in Shinshu University will be allocated to a tutor, whose task it is to help them in both academic and non-academic matters. We recommend that you use this system to help you to become accustomed to Japanese life as soon as possible and to make as much progress as possible in your studies. In principle, the ;purpose of the tutor system is to support undergraduate students in their first two years, and graduates and research students during their first year in Japan.


There are two types of scholarships for privately financed students. One entails applying though Shinshu University, while the other involves applying directly to organization s which provides scholarships. Read the application guidebooks carefully. These scholarship programs each have different application requirements and all are highly competitive. You can find information about scholarship programs through notice boards at the Faculty and the University website.

Tuition Exemption

Graduates from universities and faculties that have partnership agreements with the Faculty of Agriculture or Shinshu University are entitled to tuition exemption in the first year of their studies at the Faculty of Agriculture.

For further information, please check Shinshu University International Center (SUIC) website (

Voices from International Students and Alumnae

Matemu Athanasia OSWALD (Tanzania)

Matemu Athanasia OSWALD (Tanzania)
Ph.D. Functional Food, Agricultural Science, Year 3
pdf Voice

Mohammad Shaheed Hossain CHOWDHURY (Bangladesh)

Mohammad Shaheed Hossain CHOWDHURY (Bangladesh)
Ph.D. Forestry, Agricultural Science, Year 3
pdf Voice

SARITNUM Orapin (Thailand)

SARITNUM Orapin (Thailand)
Post-doctoral Researcher of Shinshu University
Ph.D. Food, Agricultural Science, 2009
pdf Voice

KUJANSUU Joni Tapio (Finland)

KUJANSUU Joni Tapio (Finland)
Analyst-Researcher, Hani Forest Association, Nagano, JAPAN
Ph.D. Forestry, Agricultural Science, 2007
pdf Voice

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